Munchathon with Munchbox!

There I was sitting at my office desk this mundane Thursday afternoon dreaming up a fabulous weekend and feeling awfully peckish. And then I get this little brown box. *Cue in the haloed lights and angelic harps*.

Munchbox UAE review

Famished and curious all at once, I tore open the beautifully eco-friendly packaging. Munchbox is a godsend for office munchkins like me!

Munchbox is the nifty new concept designed for naughty munchers. Forgo the candy bars, ditch the burger menus, and sign up with Munchbox for snacking that not only satisfies, but is actually good for you.

The brown, eco-friendly, 100% natural packaging is attractively trendy, and goes with the whole concept behind the brand.

Munchbox snacks are all vegan and gluten free. Combined with the packaging, Munchbox is good for you, and good for the planet.

Here’s a look at my Munchbox:

munchbox uae dubai review

I love how each mix has a clever little name stickered on, and each box lists the nutrition info.

Moreover, each little box is the perfect portion size. After munching through the ‘Oh My Goji’ in record pace, I was surprised how I managed to stop at one. Cravings satiated! This is a moreish mix if plump dried goji berries, crunchy walnuts and large, golden raisins. Nothing more has been added here; just good old natural goodness.


My Munchbox is the ‘Surprise Box’. This basically means you’ve left the choice of contents to Munchbox. I quite like the element of surprise! You also have the option of choosing a ‘Lite Box’, ‘Energize Box’ or a ‘Paleo Box’.

Munchbox works subscription-wise. You can opt for weekly subscriptions choosing how many boxes you want delivered per week. Bigger numbers obviously reduce the cost. A box on its own (including delivery anywhere in the UAE) is as low as AED 49!


Visit and order in a box of goodness for yourself.