Sheila Fajl: Beautifully Eclectic Jewelry

Meet Sheila Fajl. Bold, beautiful and eclectic just like the gorgeous jewelry line named after her, Sheila’s statement pieces have been donned by celebrities on the red carpet as well as trendy fashionistas the world over who have a penchant for something out of the ordinary.

sheila fajl

Brazilian born Sheila is a proud Californian. Her extensive experience in the fashion industry fueled her creativity as a jewelry artist, and her tireless enthusiasm as an entrepreneur has made ‘Sheila Fajl’ a jewelry brand to be reckoned with.

“I want my jewelry to not only make a woman look special, I want her to feel special. Every time someone wearing one of my pieces receives a compliment and gets that warm glow inside, I know I’ve done my job.” – Sheila Fajl.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you might have seen my Sheila Fajl ring. I am so in love with it! It is so bold, so beautifully unique.


Sheila was kind enough to have a virtual chitchat with The Tezzy Files. Read on about this phenomenal woman and her gorgeous brand, and gain some tips on dressing up jewelry.

Tell us a little about yourself, and how you came about creating the ‘Sheila Fajl’ brand.

I’ve been working in fashion since I was 13 years old. I started as a model, worked as a clothing manufacturer, a leather processor and got into leather clothing manufacturing.

I used to manufacture leather clothing for Gucci, Charles Jourdan and Calvin Klein in the 80’s but always had a huge passion for jewelry.

I always thought that if I wear the same outfit, but change my jewelry, it would be a completely different outfit and this always intrigued me and made me want to make my own.

Also, at that time I was leaving in Brazil, didn’t have any kids, and was a total workaholic. My whole existence was concentrated in fashion, that was my real passion.

When I moved to the US, I already had a young 11 month old baby boy and another on the way. Things changed a lot, my priorities changed completely.

I’m still passionate about fashion, but now it’s not my priority, now it’s for fun! This flip in priorities ended up working well for me because I was able to translate this feeling to my jewels.

They are fun, they are casual, but they can be played up to be fancy as well.

Do you have a jewelry design background?

No, I don’t. But I’ve been designing clothing and jewels since 1986.

Where do you find your design inspirations?

Nowadays we are bombarded with information all day long. We don’t need to wait for the fashion books to arrive anymore, or for the magazines with the latest runway shows. We get live view from around the world at any given time, so it’s easier and easier to be inspired these days.

I feel like my brain never ever stops. But other than that, I get my inspiration mostly from people, from my friends, my customers, my relatives, people I see on the streets, everywhere. I like to think up what would look great with the outfit they are wearing, or even with what I’m wearing or would like to be wearing, and I go for it.

Any tips for a novice planning to make it big in the jewelry scene?

You might have heard it before, but absolutely true: be true to yourself, find your own style, find your passion and fight for it.

What are your personal favorite Sheila Fajl pieces?

I have so many favorites, lol! I always want more!

Here are some pictures of pieces that I consider my basics as I have them since the beginning of my line in 2004 and still wear them very often.

sunshine lucy co1955bant_grande brd22_grande

Describe your own personal style.

Very eclectic.

Since I live in Los Angeles, CA, here I’m bohemian and I love it!

When I’m in NY my style changes to more chic and minimalist.

When I’m in Brazil I’m very me, or the real old me, I’m totally eclectic, almost like I let my creativity runs free. In Brazil the girls dress up even when they go to the supermarket, which is the complete opposite in LA, where girls go in their PJ’s to Starbucks, so I have this mix inside me.

I usually end up with a natural look when it comes to make-up and hair, and mix it with statement pieces (love over the top rings, big earrings, many layered necklaces); lots of very bold, colorful prints; unique and edgy shoes, but a classic handbag.


When wearing jewelry, what are the do’s and don’ts that can make a stunning piece work even better for a person?

The art of layering necklaces is like applying make-up on. You need to pay attention. I like to wear a very delicate necklace close to my neck, and they start going bigger and bigger, in order of size. But you also have to be careful with the shapes; they need to compliment your silhouette.

evil eye

Don’t be afraid to try big earrings. Some girls who are not very tall believe they cannot wear big earrings, and that’s not true at all. You just need to find the right ones for you and learn how to carry yourself.


What according to you are key fashion must-haves for every woman?

Hoops. Hoops go with everything. They go from the beach to a gala party.

Actually our most popular hoops (Everybody’s Favorite Hoops) have been everywhere. We have pictures of celebrities going to red-carpet events, and wearing the same ones at the beach in Hawaii. So hoops are a must!


Do you plan on offering products beyond the jewelry category? Perhaps move into fashion clothing as well?

I’ve been in the clothing business for many years before moving to jewelry and love it, so it’s always on my mind.

‘Fajl’ is such a uniquely beautiful name! Where does it originate from, and what does it mean?

It’s my husband’s last name. When we got married I was so happy to adopt his name mostly because it has only 4 letters and my family name has 11. I spent my whole young life having to spell it and nobody could ever say it correctly, so it was a relief, lol!

But guess what, most people cannot pronounce Fajl or spell it right! So I’m still spelling it, but at least is only 4 letters now, lol!

Where can we buy ‘Sheila Fajl’ jewelry?

From the ‘Sheila Fajl’ website.