Princess Diana has gone down in the pages of history as arguably the most striking beauty to have lived in the Buckingham Palace, but a lesser known fact is that she had highly sensitive skin. As a public figure, the pressure was always on to look her glowing best and she brought together the world’s best dermatologists to create a special potion to keep her skin at its optimal best.

No expense was spared, and only the finest of ingredients were used. The secret ‘recipe’ got leaked, and the Lush Gorgeous Facial Moisturizer was born.



Retailing at AED 330 for a 1.5 oz pot, Gorgeous is one of the priciest products to be found on the shelves of Lush, and for good reason too. It is absolutely loaded with the finest of skin-loving ingredients. As an ardent Lush fan, it was high time I got my hands on a pot of Gorgeous. After all, if it is fit for a princess it will surely be good enough for me, right? Read on for my verdict.

As many of you might have noticed from my last few posts, I have recently gone significantly blonder (click here if you missed it!). I’ve been a little cynical about going lighter as, in the past, my blonde streaks (often mixed in with a red base) tended to go a brassy orange after a month or so.

Scanning through the shelves of Lush, one of my all-time favorite beauty brands, I came across these bottles of Lush Daddy-O Shampoo. A helpful staff member recommended it for keeping my blonde streaks bright and brass-free, and I was sold! They had a sale going on, so I actually walked out with their largest, 500 ml bottle. Nope, never tried it before this financial commitment… I’m pretty much a sucker like that!


Two weeks in, I am relived to say I am so glad I bought the bigger, more economically-sound bottle. Lush’s Daddy-O Shampoo really is a God-send for ‘unnaturally’ blondes!

I have always had a major Lush obsession. With their eco-friendly stance and an absolutely gorgeous range of hand-made organic beauty products that you can sniff down a mile away, this British beauty giant continues to rule the roost with their quirky, innovative new additions for every season.


Great news Dubai! Lush Cosmetics has just opened a brand new store in City Walk 1. Covering an impressively large 119 square meters of retail space, the City Walk store is now the largest Lush Cosmetics outlet in the entire Middle East.