Have you tried Fortnum and Mason? Seeped in good old English tradition, this is a boutique tea shop and fine-dining venue rolled into one. Pinky up, its time for tea!

Baked Sea Bass
Baked Sea Bass



Meet Jason Dalmeida. Born and bred in the UAE, Jason is a freelance photographer who left the corporate jungle to turn his passion for photography into a full-fledged career. Here we ask him on what it takes to go freelance, and the do’s and don’ts of being a great photographer.


We all crave a beautiful, healthy mane. Supermarket shelves are loaded with colorful, perfectly marketed bottles promising us the hair of our dreams.

Recently, many major hair-care brands have come under scrutiny for all the nasty additives, including sulfates, in their mix. Consumer awareness is on the rise, people are reading labels, the rise of the organic era is upon us.

Age old beauty secrets include the use of various nut oils, and these are making a comeback into the hair-care scene.

macadamia blend 3

2nd December is just two weeks away. Hooray to another long weekend! Time to get all patriotic and remix the flag colors into something fashionably acceptable (because actually wearing the UAE flag would be so faux pas!).

I am planning to wear the patriotic nail-polish shades by Paese. Retailing at AED 39, these nail-polishes give the nails a look and feel of fine, sparkling sand. With so much sparkle, you can easily skip the topcoat. It is fast-drying and best of all, the color is guaranteed to last all week long!

Paese Nailpolish in Glittering White, Fade Sparkling Black, Bottle Green Shine and Ruby Red Shimmer
Paese Nailpolish in Glittering White, Fade Sparkling Black, Bottle Green Shine and Ruby Red Shimmer

And here is a fashionable mood-board I’ve put together…

Fondly known as Malu to her gazillion fans across the UAE and beyond, this chirpy young RJ on City 101.6’s breakfast show is far more than just a pretty face.

Meet Malavika Varadan. Arguably one of UAE’s bubbliest RJ’s, a talented singer, and fitness blogger all rolled into one. She is also an unintentional fashion icon and a healthy living guru.

Sorry boys, she’s happily married.


Who doesn’t want a dewy, youthful complexion clear of blemishes and tell-tale signs of aging? I for one have scoured the retail isles trying one cleverly marketed pot after the other, and then I discovered Human+Kind.

It all made sense. Why pile up your skin with scary, unpronounceable lab concoctions when you can turn back to nature for a simpler, cleaner answer? Developed in Ireland, Human+Kind takes on a refreshingly simple approach on beauty. I have been using their Anti-Ageing Cream, and this nifty product is a face cream, an anti-aging cream and an under-eye cream all in one. I am not exaggerating when I say I felt my skin tighten on first use. It must have something to do with their key ingredient, Achmella Oleracea aka ‘Nature’s Botox’.