Fit Shortie Eats: Justyna’s Clean Fruitful Living

I introduced you to Justyna Stocklosa in my previous post on blogging. Justyna’s Instagram page entitled Fit Shortie Eats has made her a bit of a celebrity in the world of clean eating.

Today we take a peek into her life; on turning fruitarian overnight, staying fit, managing an enviably stress-free life, and her passion for food photography. She’s one impressive chic. I told you I have phenomenal friends!


Justyna turns 36 next month, but doesn’t look a day older than she did in high-school. She is a self-proclaimed health enthusiast, Bikram yoga lover, fruitarian and free spirit.

Justyna is a private entrepreneur. She was always an ace at art class, and her creativity has paid off by morphing her into a professional interior designer, taking on projects all around Poland.

Being my own boss I’ve put a lot of stress on life/work balance. After reading ‘The 4 hour workweek’ I had a bit of an epiphany and organized my work so that I work one day a week, sometimes even less. This way I have plenty of time for traveling, long walks, yoga and food pics 😉

Tell us about Fit Shortie Eats.
Fit Shortie Eats is my food journal. It predominantly features delicious fruits and nature pics.
It started 3.5 yrs ago. I downloaded Instagram as I heard it had great filters, to take great selfies of course!
I photographed my nightlife when I noticed that my food pics were rending much more likes than my own pics :/
So the page naturally evolved into a food journal. First I documented my ‘clean eating’ meals, and then my fruit meals when I went cold turkey fruitarian overnight over a year ago.
Image taken from the Fit Shortie Eats Instagram page.
 Please share some tips on healthy eating.

This is a tough one. I think everyone has their own views on the subject.

I can only speak for myself: when I started eating vegan I shed pounds and felt calmer.

Then I discovered Freelee and other fruitarians on Instagram and was dubious that you can survive on fruit alone. I decided to give it a week’s try.

That was 16 months ago – but my life changed forever. Instantly in those days I felt better than ever before: unbelievable vitality, happiness and my brain fog was lifted as if by a the touch of a magic wand. Eating fruit alone is difficult socially, and hence I have struggled going off the diet into cooked food, but every time returning to the fruit lifestyle.

Please share one of your favorite fruitarian recipes with us.

Go raw one meal a day.

Breakfast is easiest, lunch us second best.

One of my favorites: blend 8 bananas with 2 oranges for the best smoothie ever.

Image taken from the Fit Shortie Eats Instagram page.
Image taken from the Fit Shortie Eats Instagram page.

Grab seasonal fruit for lunch: box of peaches, grapes work well too. 

Please share tips on incorporating fitness into a busy lifestyle.
  • Find an activity you like.
  • If you hate running, embrace that. If I waited till the day I felt like running, well lets say I’d still be waiting.
  • I like long walks in nature (try unplugging from headphones or phone for a more holistic effect).
  • Try yoga for a spiritually cleansing effect on top of the fitness aspect. Look into different kinds of yoga. I like sweaty bikram yoga in 41’C. Its certainly a gamechanger if you live in a cold country with a 6 month winter like me 🙂
  • Do your exercise in the morning and have it done with for the day.
  • Don’t count on other friends to assist you. Grab the opportunity to have your alone time.
  • Best tip: go outside, ditch the gym. You deserve fresh air and a bit of sunlight.
Image taken from the Fit Shortie Eats Instagram page.
Your blog has gorgeous photography! Please share photography tips.
Thanks, all my tips are related to food photography:
  1. Non-direct sunlight is best lighting. Artificial lighting is worst, midday contrast also tough.
  2. Sometimes the ingredients look better than the finished product, click as you prepare.
  3. Nothing looks better to the human eye than fresh fruit and veg.
  4. If you’re clicking in a restaurant: wait till all the food arrives and ensure with the waiter that all comes at the same time.
  5. You need to be directly above the food to take a good pick. Yes, in a restaurant that will involve standing on a chair 🙂
  6. Last but not least: don’t use filters. With food pics especially!