I am so happy to see many of you found the last blog post by my dear friend Nouf useful. She really is an inspiration for those of us still contemplating on getting started with yoga (click here if you missed it). When can I start? Do I need new clothes? Where can I practice? If daunting questions like these are swimming through your head, Nouf is back with more tips on how to get started. Go on, have a read… and hopefully I’ll see you stretching into an asana soon!

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Photo credit: Pablo Bori @PBorip

Yoga is not a passing phase, it is an ancient art of well-being that has been practiced for centuries. I introduced you to the lovely Sue Flamm, founder of Puja Yoga, in a recent blog post. How many of you are like me, still contemplating on rolling out that yoga mat, but far too cynical, or just plain lazy to get a head start?

I first heard of Puja Yoga from my friend Nouf. She is an inspiration for lazy bums like me. What started off as a brief trial at getting fitter, ended up becoming a ‘can’t live without’ life obsession for this very fit, firm and flexible young lady. Today’s post is a Guest Post by my dear friend Nouf. Read on about her inspiring journey into the world of yoga, and learn how she has incorporated it into her everyday life.

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Photo credit: Pablo Bori @PBorip

I got e-introduced to Sue Flamm by my yoga-loving friend Nouf. Based in Spain, Sue has been practicing yoga for over four decades, and launched the Puja Yoga initiative which offers yoga teacher training, retreats, workshops and classes at an international level.sue flmm puja yoga

Sue has worked as a yoga practitioner in Dublin, Belgium, Holland, the United states and Valencia Spain and will be going to spread more on Puja Yoga in Dublin and Barcelona this fall.

Given the popularity of yoga in the UAE, I’m sure it won’t be long before Sue has a fan following in our region as well!

Sue is a full-time yoga practitioner, and author to a yoga manual entitled ‘Restorative Yoga with Assists‘ (available on Amazon). Although Sue is her official name, she likes to go by her yoga alias, Puja 🙂 Read on for more details on Puja Yoga from Puja herself!

I introduced you to Justyna Stocklosa in my previous post on blogging. Justyna’s Instagram page entitled Fit Shortie Eats has made her a bit of a celebrity in the world of clean eating.

Today we take a peek into her life; on turning fruitarian overnight, staying fit, managing an enviably stress-free life, and her passion for food photography. She’s one impressive chic. I told you I have phenomenal friends!