Brunch Deal at Bombay Bungalow

Looking for a cozy lunch spot? Have I got a bargain deal for you! Enjoy the enchanted interiors of Indian fine-dining restaurant Bombay Bungalow, and treat yourself to a set lunch menu for as low as AED 79 per head! Your lunching companions will thank you for it.

You get to choose a dish for each of the three courses, and there’s something for everyone here. Best idea is to dine with a group so that you can try a variety of dishes.

I was at Bombay Bungalow last week with a bunch of workmates, and we tried everything from the menu.

It’s Brunch O’Clock!

The Starters:

Mini Samosas: Traditional Punjabi samosas at half their original size; perfect for sharing.

Watermelon Chaat: I chose this starter for myself. It is a clever take on the Mediterranean watermelon and feta salad as it has been mildly spiked with a hint of Indian chaat masala. It is refreshingly delicious, and the creamy bits of feta make it moreishly good.

Guac Pani Puri: This is a Bombay Bungalow star dish and remains one of my all-time favorites. Traditional potato has been replaced with guacamole, and the ‘pani’ is already preblended with mint and tamarind. It’s like a Mexican meets Indian, and the ironic part was we had a Mexican colleague at the table, sharing his puris with the Indian friend seated next to him!

The Main Course:

Burrata Butter Chicken: If you thought the much-loved Butter Chicken couldn’t get any creamier, you have to order this one! The famous curry comes with a generously large dollop of Italian burrata cheese, and the staff encourage you to whip it into the warm curry. Its akin to a rich, warm cheese fondue and was the favorite at our table.

Mutton Rogan Josh: This fiery hot curry from the South of India is the perfect choice for meat lovers.

Cashew Crusted Vegetable Koftas: I ordered this as my main dish. Four conical koftas sit on a puddle of thick, buttery gravy. Their exteriors are crisp and nutty, while the inside is deliciously soft, mushy and satisfyingly good.

Biriyani: If you are a diehard rice pilaf fan, what better option than the slow-cooked biriyani that is served in the clay pot it was cooked in? Choose from chicken or mutton.

The Desserts:

Mango Kulfi: The traditional Indian mango ice-cream takes on a brand-new avatar at Bombay Bungalow. Plated as a honeycomb-like maze and dotted with pistachio cream, nuts and dehydrated rose petals, this kulfi is a work of art and can easily be shared between two consenting adults.

Coconut Rasmalai: The much-loved Indian dessert featuring cottage cheese dumplings in sweetened cooked milk is served with thick whippings of coconut cream. Like the kulfi, the rasmalai looks like a work of art, and if I had to choose between the two this would have to be my favorite.

Post lunch, we ordered piping hot cups of tea and took in the beautiful backdrop of Bombay Bungalow.

We had the restaurant pretty much to ourselves that afternoon and ended up taking many photos! At AED 79 a person, the Bombay Bungalow brunch is an offer you can’t afford to miss… and get click-happy while you’re at it!