Introducing My Favorite Desi DJ, Bharat Sakhrani

I loveBollywood music. I hum it in the shower, play retro remixes in my car, and for areally intense, high adrenaline workout, nothing comes quite close tobhangra-inspired beats. My friends introduced me to ‘Desi Nights’, aka clubbingto Bollywood tunes, and this is how I met DJ Bharat Sakhrani.

An accountant by day and DJ by night, DJ Bharat really knows how to keep the dance floor alight and effortlessly mixes in English, Arabic and other world tunes.

Vote for Bharat! Under 2 years into his night gig, this ultra-talented young man has been nominated for the prestigious title of ‘Best DJ’ at the annual Ahlan Masala Awards. He’s got my vote! Do vote for him by clicking here, and have a read on what he has to say about Desi DJing in Dubai.

Tell us a little about yourself, and how you started your journey as a DJ.

Firstly, I am really obliged that you gave me a chance to be featured in your blog. Thanks a lot for the opportunity.

Music has been my companion ever since I bought my first Sony Walkman Mobile in my 7th standard. The first opportunity to play music to an audience came when I was offered to handle the recess radio as RJ in my 10th standard. I shall always be grateful to for this opportunity that was given to me as it was from here on that my hobby grew into a passion.

It also set off a chain of events that took me further into the music world, as I was offered the opportunity to visit studios of CITY 101.6. I must tell you I still vividly recollect the absolute thrill of having my hands on the mixer there. I also interned there which helped me to learn behind the scenes activities of hosting a show.

It was during one of those school summer breaks that I also completed my official DJ’ing certification and the learning still continues! I started practicing and recording mixtapes at home and I am grateful that a few of them have also been played at City 1016 and Radio Spice 105.4.

I was edged on by my friends to participate in several interuniversity ‘War of the DJ’s’ competitions during the final 2 years, which I am glad to have done, as I won 4 awards & those truly gave me the self-belief in live mixing. It is here where I got noticed and broke through in this amazing industry where I am playing with DJ’s with whom and I dreamt of playing with back in the day, DJ’s whom I look upto.

How do you balance a full-time job as an accountant and a full-on weekend with music?

An accountant by morning, playing with numbers and a DJ by night playing with beats. That’s how I see myself.

I have had a craze for numbers ever since school. I was one of those students who loved Mathematics! I know, weird right? Well this led me to fulfilling my Master’s Degree in Accountancy and Finance.

Music is my passion. The trick behind keeping a balance between both of them is that I actually enjoy being behind the booth.

After a weeks’ work, I relish the opportunity of making people dance to my mixes. It is greatly satisfying! Of course, meeting new people every week is a great experience in itself.

How does it work as a DJ? Do you have a playlist mix ready beforehand, or do you go with the groove of the party? 

Honestly, it involves some serious music listening & tracking, to keep the playlist up to date.

Special requests could pop up at any time from a discerning guest. I keep my playlist updated, adding new releases in my collection every weekend. Plus, I am all ears on the lookout for catchy remixes which people would love to shake a leg to & enjoy.

Choosing which track to play next completely depends on the groove of the party and the crowd present at that point. Observation and spontaneity to the crowds’ reaction is an absolute for the person behind the booth. It helps in getting people coming back for the nights!

Tell us a little bit about the art of mixing different genres of music,especially Desi with Western tunes.

As I mentioned earlier, it all depends on what the crowd is enjoying at that moment.

May it be the all-time famous ‘Calabria’ or any of Guru Randhawa Songs or even Arabic tracks, I have always mixed different genres of music.

Ofcourse, Spinning Bollywood music is my forte but I happen to be an open format DJ, spinning EDM, English Commercials, and various other genres as per the situation.

I try my best to follow the art of Harmonic Mixing so that the transitions are smooth. It helps in easily switching from a Bollywood Number to a English Commercial Track without disrupting the energy of the crowd.

How in your opinion does Desi music differ from the rest of the world?What makes it so popular?

In my opinion each genre is has its own charm to it and it all depends on the crowd you are playing for. But when it comes to Desi Music it has a completely different energy in comparison with the other genres. For example, the ‘oh ho ho ho’ scream out in chorus from roughly 500 people when the all time favorite Punjabi track is played is completely different and magical. In many cases, the faith of the movie is decided by the songs which are released because that’s the importance we have given our tracks and that is just so amazing! In Bollywood you can have a song and a story told around it.

Please list your current top 12 tunes that really get the party rocking.

  1. Bom Diggy – Zack Knight x Jasmin Walia
  2. Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai VIDEO Song – Badshah x Aastha
  3. Chhote Chhote Peg – Yo Yo Honey Singh x Neha Kakkar
  4. Magenta Riddim – DJ Snake
  5. Mi Gente – J Balvin x Willy William
  6. Tareefan – QARAN Ft. Badshah
  7. Morni Bank – Guru Randhawa
  8. Taki Taki – DJ Snake ft. Selena Gomez, Ozuna, Cardi B
  9. Zingaat – Akash Thosar & Rinku Rajguru x Ajay Atul
  10. Akh Lad Jaave – Badshah
  11. Lahore – Guru Randhawa
  12. Dilbar – Tanishk B x Neha Kakkar x Ikka Dhvani

Where can we find you on most weekends?

I am a Resident DJ for DejaVu Nightlife and we host our Thursday Nights at Inka Dubai and Friday Nights at Club Boudior. Ofcourse I also free-lance so you might bump into me at one of the events you are attending. Do come and say hi!

How can we get in touch with you if we want your help with rocking our very own private parties?

Mobile Number: +971564061242

Email Address:

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Follow me on Instagram: @djbharatsakhrani

Any tips for those wanting to start a career in the world of DJing?

Start off with your passion and keepthe flame burning. Keep on practicing. Record your first couple of mixes, evenif you’re just practicing at home. Listening back will allow you to improvise.It may look glam and easy to be behind the booth but honestly it involves someserious work & dedication to remain up to date with the trends and tracksso do take out time for the same. Finally, do not leave any opportunity toshowcase your talent.