Beauty Review: StarSkin Coco-Nuts Nourishing Hot Oil Hair Mask

Did you know that extra virgin coconut oil is the only oil on the planet that has been proven to have the ability to permeate into the shaft of human hair and thereby enhance its overall quality? This claim has been backed by clinical research in Princeton University, yet this beauty secret has been passed down for generations from mother to daughter in southern India.

Pure, unadulterated coconut oil has been the base of many Ayurvedic beauty secrets, and premium Korean beauty brand StarSkin has harnessed the power of coconut oil and time-tested Ayurvedic herbology to create a brand-new hair mask, complete with a blend of four other Ayurvedic superfoods.

Product Claim:

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Key Ingredients:

  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Starflower Seed Oil
  • Baobab Seed Oil
  • Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil
  • Sacha Inchi Seed Oil


How to Use:

Simply place the pouch of oil in the microwave, and heat for 20 seconds. Open pouch carefully and apply from root to scalp. Wear the shower cap included in the pack. This keeps the hair in place and retains the warmth of the oil for better penetration.

Rinse after half an hour, or for best results keep the oil with the shower cap on overnight.


Tezzy’s Experience with the StarSkin Coco-Nuts™ Nourishing Hot Oil Hair Mask

I have been using a hot oil treatment off an on for the longest time, so this was nothing new to me. My mother always preached coconut oil for our hair, and my hay-like peroxide blonde mane wishes I had adhered to her wise advice with more zest.

First off, I love the packaging. This pale minty blue box looks so invitingly pretty and the key ingredients and method of use is clearly stated on the back.

I like how they’ve included a shower-cap, that too of pretty good quality and not the disposable one time use kind. I can easily reuse this for a few more sessions.

Using this kit is super easy. Whilst traditional hot oil massages involves pouring oil out into a bowl and carefully heating it, you simple place the pouch in the microwave for 20 seconds flat.

The oil smells of fresh coconuts, sweet and tropical. It has a holistic effect on my senses and the warmth of the oil on my scalp is just the kind of pampering I’ve been craving.

The only messy part was handling the pouch. I was holding the greasy pouch with one hand and applying with the other. Best to find a wee pot for ease of use.

There is more than enough product in this sachet, and my hair was pretty saturated with the entire use of contents.

I wore the shower cap and went the whole mile by sleeping in with it. Surprisingly the cap managed to stay put the entire night, and I quite liked the floral undertones of the scent of the oil.

I washed my hair the next morning and needed 3 rinses of shampoo to get all the grease out. Even then, my hair was a little limper than I like it. However, my hair definitely had a newfound shine and weight to it, and I am sure more regular use will further enhance my overall hair health.


The Positives:

  • Loaded with high-quality natural, organic ingredients
  • Smells deliciously tropical
  • Includes a shower cap to keep the hair in place
  • The sachet has enough oil to go for two rounds (I have fine, ‘below the shoulder’ length hair)
  • Hair looks and feels visibly healthier and hydrated after shampooing


The Negatives:

  • It can be a little tricky (and messy) managing a warm sachet in one hand and massaging in the hot oil with the other. You might want to consider pouring out the contents into a bowl for ease of application
  • You will need two to three rounds of vigorous shampooing to get rid of all that oil. Best not to do this treatment before an important night out
  • At AED 52 for a one-time use sachet, this hair mask is quite pricey. You can buy a large jar of extra virgin coconut oil for that price


Product Pricing & Availability:

The StarSkin range is exclusively available at all Sephora stores across the Middle East, and can also be bought online on The StarSkin Coco-Nuts™ Nourishing Hot Oil Hair Mask retails for AED 52 per pack.