‘All That Dori’: A Chit-Chat with Jewelry Designer Bhavya Aiyan

When it comes to jewelry, I am always on the lookout for uniquely beautiful pieces. Jewelry is a form of self-expression, and I love mine embedded with semi-precious stones in all the colors of the rainbow. I look for high-quality pieces that can promise many years of wear (after all, many of my most treasured jewels are inheritance pieces from my mother and grandmothers).

I was therefore very excited to discover All That Dori, a contemporary Indian jewelry brand based right here in Dubai. You might have spotted me adorning ‘All that Dori’ on my Instagram feed.

Today I am introducing you to Bhavya Airan, the beautiful, creative young lady behind the brand. She tells us ‘all that’ goes behind the creation of a boutique jewelry brand, what inspires her design sensibilities, and gives us tips on curating a besotted collection of our own.

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Hi Bhavya! Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into jewelry design?

Having worked in fashion for over 8 years, I do have a passion for this line of work. Each time I went to India, I was astounded by the kind of intricate work that ours artisans produced. I just try to provide a platform for the work they do. So Dori started in a small workshop in 2015, the idea behind the brand was to offer statement one of a kind pieces of jewelry using our age old heritage in a contemporary setting. It’s a colorful vibrant brand that explores simplicity in structure  but stands out in terms of its workmanship. All pieces are handmade and ethically sourced.I was born in Mumbai, raised in Singapore and now call Dubai home. I live here with my husband and two lovely cats & a dog.

Please give us an intro on ‘Dori’. How did you come up with the name?

The word Dori which means “to bring together” (in Sanskrit) is used to bring together the workmanship, design, precious stones and quality into one beautiful piece of jewelry that is handmade with love. I wanted something that was simple, unique and not easy to forget, just like I hope our jewelry is 🙂

What makes your collection unique?

I think the brand stands out as it explores simplicity in structure but stands out in terms of its workmanship.We use high quality natural semi-precious stones like pearls, turquoise, amethyst, coral amongst others to create beautiful pieces. While I design the jewelry, we source the stones from Jaipur, India and then work with local artisans to hand make each piece. Each piece is ethically made keeping in mind sustainable fashion.  The brand caters to the modern fashion savvy person who wants to have a one of a kind creation.We  keep the pricing as competitive as possible while not compromising on quality in terms of material, design and workmanship.


Please take us through the conceptualization process of creating a coveted piece. Where do you draw inspirations from?

Inspiration primarily comes from the different elements surrounding us. We keep the designs simple and classic and let the stone work do the talking where we keep the design colorful and bold.

What is currently trending in the world of jewelry? Any particular styles and colors we should look out for?

I think statement pieces look amazing. Big earrings, or a gorgeous raw stone choker makes an outfit completely pop. I think people across the world are embracing this and it might be here to stay. I also think people are moving away from only fine jewelry and investing in different kinds of jewelry.


What kinds of materials should we look out for when shopping jewelry?

Ensure the jewelry is nickel free i.e. hypoallergenic as a lot of people tend to get irritation otherwise. Gold plated jewelry will last you a lot longer especially if you take care of it. Dont apply perfume on jewelry and keep each piece separately and it will last you for a long time


From all the pieces you have created so far, which one is your absolute favorite?

Hahahahaha, I can’t play favourites but I love working with amythest ,pearl and turquoise a lot. Here are a few of my favourite pieces.

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Please tell us more about your latest collection.

The new season collection is a haven for all accessory lovers. We have used a low of raw unfinished stones in this collection and a lot of wood as well. The colors are calming pastel colors keeping the season in mind. We also always bring back the classic pieces which are favorites . The designs can be complemented for both a daytime and a glamorous night look.


Where can we shop your gorgeous collection?
You can shop the collection at our regular pop ups with Ripe. We also participate in a lot of events like Market OTB and you should follow us on @allthatdori to be updated. You can visit us onwww.allthatdori.com or whatsapp us for order as we offer Cash on Delivery too ! We also retail with House of Fraser at Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi, O’De Rose in Al Wasl Jumeriah, Georges Of Dubai at the Collective and Artelier Des Artistes in Box Park, Dubai. We are soon going to be retailing in Kuwait so stay tuned for that!