LUSH Jelly Masks are finally here :-)

I was recently sent a large box of LUSH in the mail, and in it sat these adorably cute pots of brand new jelly masks.

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What exactly are the Lush Jelly Masks?

LUSH, the UK’s leading natural cosmetics retailer, has recently launched 5 absolutely fun, wibbly-wobbly face masks!

Based on naturally occurring carageenan extract that is derived from seaweed, the texture of each of these delightful masks feels alot like jelly (I like to think of it as squidgy, adult playdough!).

Carageenan extract is highly moisturizing, and is a great base for suspending a high concentration of fresh fruits, cleansing clays and other natural skin-loving goodies.

What’s more, Lush has created an innovative self-preserving  formula which means that while each mask is packed full of fresh ingredients, they are also free from synthetic preservatives.


The Packaging

The first thing to strike me was the packaging… what happened to the iconic recyclable black LUSH pots? These are an opaque white, but also made of the same recyclable material.

I think its very clever how they’ve reitterated the concept of ‘jelly’ with these gelatin-colored containers!

The LUSH promise stands true for these as well. Give in 5 empty pots to claim a free face mask!


The Names

LUSH has always managed to be witty with their product names, and these wee mask pots had me giggling!

Taking urban slang to a new level, FOMO (or ‘Fear of missing out’) promises you won’t be left out of the clear-skin bandwagon. The 1000 MiliHelens pays ode to the Trojan war and the mythical beauty Helen of Troy, and the tongue-in-cheek ‘Just to Clarify’ is loaded with citrus goodness to refresh and… you guessed it… clarify the skin 🙂

The cutest has to be Bunny Moon! Perhaps its the specks of gold on the product that make it look like craters on a celestial surface.

When I was in high-school, those early teen years when we would sneak lipstick into the school lockers, we would endearingly name our friends after the interesting names of lipstick shades. Mine was ‘Honey Plum’. After receiving these masks, I’ve been calling my little one ‘Bunny Moon” 🙂


How To Use:

Each cooling mask is super easy to use; simply pinch off a generous portion, and rub within the the palms of your hands to create a creamy lather.

Smooth onto your face, then leave the ingredients to sink in for up to 10 minutes. Finally, wash off with warm water or with a cloth.

The tough part is choosing one of the five…


The Masks

The squidgy texture of these masks are sure to make my toddler super jealous!

As these are based on natural ingredients, they are safe enough to use on a daily basis. This is great news as, like most Lush products, these masks don’t have a very long shelf life (and expiry date looms in 4 months from date of manufacture).

Bunny Moon: This mask resembles a magical moon with its pale base and hints of gold dust. This is probably the inspiration behind the quirky name!

Bunny Moon is the most moisturizing mask out of the 5 as it contains 12% honey alongside the carrageenan base. With added dried chamomile to soothe and calm the senses, this mask is best suited for normal to dry skin.

Best for normal to dry skin-types that are in need of extra nourishing.


Just to Clarify: this bright orange mask features an exotic fusion of fresh juices including papaya, orange and grapefruit to refresh and brighten the complexion.

The addition of bamboo stem extract gives this mask an exfoliating effect when rubbed onto the skin.

Best suited for those who like exfoliating masks, and are aiming for skin brightening.


1000 Millihelens: I can smell the green tea in this as soon as I open the pot! This mask offers the skin a chance to detoxify and rejuvenate with the aromatic mix of antioxidant green tea powder and green tea infusion, alongside witch hazel, which helps to soothe and tone the skin.

Aside from its sweet, crisp scent, apple juice works to rejuvenate, containing alpha hydroxy acid it leaves your skin looking lifted and glowing.

Perfect for dull, lackluster skin in need of a bout of rejuvenation.


Birth of Venus: Like the goddess herself, this mask has this alluringly gorgeous scent, a very calming mix of lavendar and bewitching chamomile. I find a mask like this to be perfect for a little bout of ‘me-time’ after a hectic day at work.

Great for calming and toning a stressed out complexion.


FOMO: infused with luxurious rose and neroli fragrance, this floral mask is as pretty as the shade of pink it imbibes. Soothing calamine and a replenishing carrageenan base nourish and revive tired, lack-luster skin. Definately not a mask you want to be missing out on!

Perfect for hydrating all skin types.

The Positives

  • Loaded with all-natural ingredients
  • Self-preserving, sans any chemical additives
  • So squidgy and fun to play with!
  • Smell amazing
  • Love the quirky names 🙂
  • The carrageenan base ensures the skin feels very nourished and hydrated with each mask
  • Can be used as often as you like!
  • Recyclable packaging


The Negatives

  • Short shelf-life
  • Makes toddlers jealous 😀


Product Pricing & Availability

Each 75 gram pot of Lush Jelly Mask retails for AED 55, and is available in all Lush stores across the Middle East. You can also buy these from their online store by clicking here.