Bob’s Red Mill: Healthful, Organic Eating Made Easy

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of having breakfast with a health food icon. You might recognize his friendly face from the Bob’s Red Mill packaging, and at 89 years young heading a troupe of colleagues for a whirlwind 5-day Middle Eastern business trip, Bob Moore proves to be the best role model for his natural foods brand.

I compare it to meeting KFC’s Colonel Saunders, but on the brighter side of health.

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With the face of Bob’s Red Mill… Bob Moore himself!

Bob’s Red Mill: How it all began

Rewind over three decades ago to scenic, serene Milwaukie, Oregon (United States of America). A young man with a serious love for machinery, owns a local car workshop and gets married to a lady with a passion for healthful, homely cooking.

Living in a farming province, the young couple gather more interest into the world of healthy grains, well before the ‘superfoods’ fad was even coined.

Bob discovers grain-milling machinery that dates back over 200 years. The mechanic in him decides to refurbish these into a modern, sanitized milling unit.

Stone-grinding dates back centuries, and has been proven to preserve the natural goodness of grains far more efficiently than modern-day steel-grinding.

The mill was painted red on the exteriors, and therefore got christened ‘Bob’s Red Mill’.

Demand for Bob’s high-quality grains grew exponentially.

The couple add more exotic grains to their offerings like amaranth and quinoa. More mixes are added with key market needs in mind, including paleo and gluten-free.

Bob’s Red Mill adopts an “honest to goodness” approach, and is a perfect example of passion and hard work paying off into phenomenal global success.

Another key business success secret behind Bob’s Red Mill is that it is an employee-owned company where all the employees have a stake in the profits. Everyone is therefor as liable as Bob, and love it just as much!


Bob’s Red Mill Product Range

Ever thought of going gluten-free or adding more organic goodness to your home cooking but stuck on where to shop for ingredients? You don’t have to get ripped off at over-priced health stores, just head to your local Spinneys supermarket and look for Bob!

From fruity, healthful muesli mixes and oatmeal pots that can be stirred up on the go, Bob’s Red Mill has a wide range of wonderful breakfast ideas with busy people in mind.

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If you are into baking, Bob’s Red Mill has an entire range of flours and meals, and baking aids. I love their gluten-free pancake mix! All you have to do is whip in the eggs and milk, and you have a stack of healthy, delicious pancakes in no time!

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For the diet conscious, Bob’s Red Mill has a wide range of gluten-free, paleo and whey protein products.

For more details on the Bob’s Red Mill range, visit their website 

Bob's Redd Mill History Interview Bob Moore Dubai Spinneys UAE healthy food recipes living blog UAE blogger product range gluten free paleo whey protein cooking baking


Where to Buy Bob’s Red Mill Products in the UAE

Bob’s Red Mill products are available at all leading Spinneys supermarkets across the UAE.

“To your good health” – Bob Moore.