New at Sephora: Sephora Hair Sleeping Masks


I have an inside joke about my hair. While others talk about the cliche ‘silky mane’, I claim mine’s more like cotton in texture (even bordering linen on particularly dry, frazzled days). With all that bleaching, the constant humidity and a need for washing it out far too often, my hair is crying out for some serious TLC.

Already a huge fan of the sheet masks and many of the innovative skincare products that fall under the ‘made in Sephora’ umbrella, imagine my excitement when Sephora announced the launch of its very own overnight hair masks!

What are the Sephora Hair Sleeping Masks?

Packaged in the signature cuteness of Sephora masks, the Sephora Hair Sleeping Masks are creamy masks for the hair that work while you sleep.

Each pack is good for a one-time use, and comes with the cream product and a hair cap.

The Sephora Hair Sleeping Masks currently come in 4 varieties:

  • Coconut (for nourishing & repairing)
  • Almond (for invigorating and anti-breakage)
  • Rose (for smoothing and anti-frizz)
  • Acai (for brightening and color protecting)

Given the state of my hair, I need all the above! As my hair is a balayage blonde and one of my priorities is to protect this color I paid a fortune for, I went for the super-food Acai pack.



Product Claim of the Sephora Acai Hair Sleeping Mask

The Acai mask has been specifically created for colored hair, and promises to brighten and protect the color treatment.

According to here is a list of results from a satisfaction test on 22 volunteers after 21 days of use:
– 81% of women find their hair to be radiant
– 86% of women find their hair color to be revived


Why is Acai Berry Good for the Hair?

  • Hair Growth: Acai berries have more protein content than eggs, and are loaded with hair-loving omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids as well as the vitamins such as A, C, E and B vitamins. These act as building blocks for strong, healthy hair.
  • Prevents Hair Loss: Acai berries are rich in folic acid and zinc, two important nutrients that increase the strength of hair roots and prevent hair loss.




Tezzy’s Experience with the Sephora Acai Hair Sleeping Mask

First off, the scent! This cream mask has this deliciously sweet, fruity smell I love. It reminds me of summer and bowlfuls of exotic fruit.

The product is rich and creamy, yet far from being greasy. I applied it to my clean, dry hair, using my detangle brush to even out the application and concentrated on the ends.

Sephora Hair Sleeping Mask Review Acai Berry Hair Care Dubai Beauty Blog Sephora Middle East UAE  (3).JPG


I tied my hair into a bun, and covered it up with the hair cap provided.

How cute is the hair cap! With scribbles of beauty essentials flying across its print, it looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland. I was just hoping this cap wouldn’t budge too much while I went off on snooze mode.

Sephora Hair Sleeping Mask Review Acai Berry Hair Care Dubai Beauty Blog Sephora Middle East UAE (2)


I guess it depends on what kind of sleeper you are. I tend to toss and turn halfway through the night, and the cap did skewer a little. However, as the product is more creamy than greasy, it didn’t spill on to my pillow-case as I had dreaded. If you are exceptionally pedantic, use an old pillow cover or a hand towel over your pillow.

As it was the weekend, I got over 8 hours of undisturbed sleep. The next morning, the cream was well and truly absorbed by my dry, thirsting mane. The hair felt revived already even sans wash!

After shampooing, my hair looked and felt noticeably hydrated, smooth and soft. I also loved that lingering scent of sweetness.

Another positive that is not mentioned is that this mask works great for detangling the hair. Brushing post-shampoo was a breeze!

All this, and with just one pack! I am planning to do this on a more regular basis, and also try out the other varieties.


Why I Love the Sephora Acai Hair Sleeping Mask

  • Super easy to use! Simply apply, wear the shower-cap provided, snooze and wash off.
  • The product is not greasy at all, yet really delivers on its promise to hydrate the hair.
  • It smells amazing too!
  • The shower-cap is super cute, and can be saved for further use.
  • At AED 25, this is a very affordable hair treatment. I’m planning to do this bi-weekly.


The Negatives

  • The amount of product sufficed for my hair (I have thin hair that goes just beyond my shoulders). However, you might need more for thicker, longer manes.
  • You have to wash it off the next morning. This can be a challenge on weekdays.


Product Pricing & Availability

The Sephora Hair Sleeping Masks retail for AED 25 each, and can be bought online at and are also available in all Sephora stores across the Middle East.