Measure and Excess: Dubai Debut by 17 Year-Old Moroccan Artist Hiba Khamlichi

Can Measure and Access really coincide side by side in peace and harmony? Moroccan teenager Hiba Khamlichi takes on this philosophical puzzle with stunning paint on canvas. At a mere 17 years of age, the complexities of her creations far beguile her tender years, and her masterpieces are going up on display in the very prestigious Art Space exhibition at DIFC Dubai from today.

Hiba Khamlichi Measure and Excess Art Space Dubai Exhibition Moroccan Artist (2)

I had the pleasure of having a wee chat with the very talented young lady before the exhibition, and here is what she had to say about her debut in Dubai…


Welcome to Dubai! Please give us a brief on your exhibition ‘Measure and Excess’. What is it about? What does the title of the exhibition signify?

Briefly, this theme exposes in one hand how we can live, act, and create beyond our limits and in which circumstances we can achieve this goal, in the other hand it evokes some of what push us to create, baste, erect, get rich and especially live out of bounds; off-limits.

Moreover, it raises a very important question: How can measure and excess live in peace and harmony exactly how they do in my paintings.

Hiba Khamlichi Measure and Excess Art Space Dubai Exhibition Moroccan Artist (1)


What inspires your art? 

Every single detail in life inspires me, but still I guess that I’m more affected by capoeira’s movements; which is an Afrobrazilian martial art that mixes music to dance to martial art and that I’ve been practicing since I was 7 years old.


Your work has very intricate detailing. What mediums do you use?

The technique that I use is my own; I’ve created it when I was 8.

Hiba Khamlichi Measure and Excess Art Space Dubai Exhibition Moroccan Artist (4)


You are only 17! At what age did you start painting? What was your very first piece of art?

I’ve started painting at the age of 3 with my sister Ghita who is also an artist and whose style differs completely than mine. Actually I can’t remember how I made my first painting because of my very young age but thankfully my family’s member saved the work for me, I’ve named it “La chaise joyeuse” and I’ve been publishing it since my first exhibition in 2009.


Of all the pieces you have created so far, what is your favorite and why?

Actually I’m very responsive to each one of the pieces that I’ve been creating since I’ve started painting but I’m quite more reactive behind those that make people feel bunches of emotions and call out for peace, unity and love, thus I can say that for the moment “Let us live together happy” might be my favorite work. I’ve created this piece of art that made a real buzz all over the world since millions of people took it in picture and shared it via instagram facebook and more in 2015 when I was invited to make a fresco for the Moussem of Assilah.


Please name your favorite artist. How has he/she inspired you?

I like many artists among them Giuseppe Arcimboldo and my sister Ghita because those two artists especially, inspires me the very important idea that art has no bounds, no limits.

Hiba Khamlichi Measure and Excess Art Space Dubai Exhibition Moroccan Artist (3)


For a firsthand experience of Hiba’s magic, visit the ‘Measure and Access’ exhibition at Art Space.

The exhibition runs from 19th Sept – 5th October at Art Space (The Gate Village, Bldg 3, Level 2, Dubai International Financial Center, UAE) .