Iftar at Layali Zaman (Le Meridien, Airport Road Dubai)

How can Ramadan be complete without having an Iftar in one of the elaborately decorated tents? I missed the Layali Zaman Iftar Tent at Le Meridien (Airport Road, Dubai) last year and had to try it out for myself this time round.

Le Meridien on Airport Road Dubai houses arguably the largest number of award-winning restaurants under its belt, and the hotel also happens to be one of the oldest institutions in the city, conveniently located a few minutes away from the airport.

It is therefore not surprising to see the magnitude of grandeur that goes into creating their Ramadan Tent. The ‘tent’, essentially the grand Falcon Ballroom of Le Meridien Hotel, has been transformed into a  majlis-style abode. formal yet exotic, and very spacious allowing for large crowds to entertain together, the ambiance is perfect for reliving a bygone Middle Eastern past.

‘Layali Zaman’ translates to ‘the olden days’, and it is with this idea in mind that guests are treated to the warmth of traditional hospitality and elaborate dishes. Predominantly Arabesque, the massive Iftar spread includes many favorites including popular Mediterranean salads like tabbouleh and fattoush, hot and cold mezze, Lamb Ouzi, Kebab bin Labneh, Stuffed Kousa and delectable kebabs.

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A small section pays tribute to world cuisines, with a live pasta counter, a selection of Chinese dumplings, Indian grills and surprisingly, even Idli Sambar!

My favorite was the dessert section where a young server churned out crepes, hot off the pan and oozing with a filling of your choice. I had mine with warmed up Nutella! They also have an ice-cream section with exotic scoops like the very flavorful Baklava Ice-Cream. The usual suspects in the dessert isle include enticing cheesecakes and chocolate-laden pastries. There is also a wide selection of baklavas and very cheesy kunafas dripping with warm orange blossom syrup.

Layali Zaman Le Meridien Dubai Iftar Review Ramadan 2017 Dubai Food Blog UAE Lifestyle Blogger The Tezzy Files (7)Layali Zaman Le Meridien Dubai Iftar Review Ramadan 2017 Dubai Food Blog UAE Lifestyle Blogger The Tezzy Files (1)

If you are looking for a very authentic Arabiic Iftar experience, complete with the exuberance of a colorful, hospitable past, I suggest you book a table at Layali Zaman.

The Iftar buffet costs AED 165 per head, starting from sunset all the way past 9 pm. FThe expansive venue can sit upto 1500 diners, making it ideal for large group events as well. For reservations, contact them on eventshub.lmdubai@lemeridien.com or 04 702 2618.

Ramadan Kareem!