The Body Shop ElderFlower Unperfumed Eye Gel Review

Whenever I happen to browse the isles of The Body Shop, I am hit by a sense of nostalgia. This British brand has been around for ages, and was my go-to destination as a teen. My very first lipstick (the now discontinued vanilla-scented peach pencil), my first proper bottled scent (the heady hit of Vanilla Body Mist that takes me back to the high-school corridors of my youth) were all treasured milestones in my beauty journey, all from The Body Shop.

The lipstick may be discontinued (and replaced with a rainbow of brand new formulations), and I might have grown out of over-sweet vanilla, but I recently picked up something I had discovered almost 2 decades ago… The Body Shop ElderFlower Unperfumed Eye Gel.

Th Body Sop ElderFlower Unperfumed Eye Gel Review Beauty Blog Dubai Blogger The Tezzy Files

I think the need for a cooling under-eye gel arose after one too many late nights cramming for my IGCSE exams. Back then, a botanically derived gel formulation was quite a novelty and I was hooked.

The gel has an immediate cooling effect on the skin, and is an even better treat when popped into the fridge for a wee while.

Being unperfumed, this gel is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin-types.


Why ElderFlower you ask?

Apart from being a popular tea, Elderflower has long been used for skincare for its softening, anti-inflammatory, and anti-wrinkle properties. Just all the properties we want to see in an under-eye formulation if you ask me!


And then I discovered The Body Shop’s Precision Eye Massager. This wee mechanism consists of a plastic white handle and a magnetic rotating ball at one end. The steel ball adds to the cooling effect when combined with the gel.

Post work or strenuous hours infront of the laptop, I find myself reaching out for this little pot and massage stick. It has become a ritual of sorts, and I wonder why it took me so many years to come back to it.

The only drawback is that this gel formulation does not work well under makeup, and is therefore reserved for evenings in.

Still a classic, and so glad The Body Shop hasn’t removed this one off the shelf. And you have to love the brand’s ethical, eco-friendly stand (Anita Roderick was a pioneer in this field).

Applying a generous dab-full right after typing out this post!