DIY Earl Grey & Rose Face and Body Mist

When it comes to skincare, I am a huge fan of natural ingredients and love to whip up all-natural concoctions of my own. Given the temperatures are only crawling higher and higher, I decided to experiment with creating a face and body mist.

I recently bought a bag full of premium dried rose buds from Carrefour (mainly because they look so pretty, and boy do they smell divine!), and as I was pondering over what I’d do with them, a warm cup of Earl Grey tea in hand, the scent combination of the two hit me right there and then… and Tezzy’s DIY Earl Grey Tea & Rose Mist was born.

DIY Natural Face and Body Spray Earl Grey Rose Essential Oils.jpg

Making this mist is so ridiculously simple, that I doubt you’d want to use store-bought ever again. And given you are making it from scratch, you know its free of any nasties and brimming with natural skin-loving goodness. Here is what you will need:


DIY Natural Face and Body Spray Earl Grey Rose Essential Oils recipe


How to Make the Earl Grey & Rose Face and Body Mist:

  • Boil a cup of Earl Grey tea with a handful of dried rose buds (I simply pop my mug into the microwave!).
  • Strain, allow to cool.
  • Pour equal parts of tea & rose water in a spray bottle (I got my spray bottle for a measly AED 7 from Daiso).
  • Add 5-10 drops Tea Tree Oil  and Frankincense Oil (these are optional, but I like to make the most of both of their skin-loving properties – click the links for more info).
  • Finish off with a few dried rose buds for aesthetic appeal! Strain out these roses after a couple of days (once the rose buds loose their coloring to the water)

A spritz of this lovely mist is both revitalizing and hydrating. I’m carrying my bottle everywhere I go this summer.

Like a fine wine, the mist gets more poignant over time as the natural ingredients mix into each other.

This easy-peasy mist would make for a great gifting idea too! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.