Inn the Park: A very Healthful Picnic

How blessed are we with the current weather! As a family, we are making the most of it by spending as much time outdoors as possible. Last Friday I received an invite to try out Inn the Park, a brand new dining concept located right inside Al Khazzan Park. The idea of combining a tasting session with a day out in the sunshine sounded highly appealing, and what’s even better was the fact that we didn’t have to pack up a picnic hamper either!



Al Khazzan is a very small park by Dubai standards, but is pretty easy to locate given it is bang opposite CityWalk.  Inn the Park is just a mere 2 weeks old, and the restaurant doesn’t even have a signage up as yet.

They have a few dedicated tables for customers, but are allowed to serve anywhere around the park. This is really convenient as we got to choose a park bench and table diagonally visible to the children’s play area, and got to keep an eye on our little one as she played on the swings and slides.



Inn the Park has an all-day breakfast menu section which sounded perfect for picnic weather. Hubby went for their Eggs Benedict and I had the classic Avo on Toast. 

For the Eggs Benedict, you can choose to have it with smoked salmon or beef bacon. Being an absolute meat lover, Hubby went for the later. The beef was crisp and decadently salty, which made them an ideal match with the perfectly runny eggs.



My Avo on Toast screams ‘clean, healthy eating’. Vibrantly green with a few stalks of asparagus to boot, the smashed, creamy avocado is brimming with lemony freshness, a hint of saltiness from feta, and is topped with two wobbly, boiled eggs that spill out a stream of golden yolk goodness at the touch of a fork.



Inn the Park has a selection of enticing salads, and we decided to try their best-seller, the Superbowl. Featuring an entire bouquet of super-foods including avocado, kale and blueberries, this salad includes shredded strips of cucumber, zucchini, red cabbage and beans, and is tossed in a ginger-mustard dressing.



Inn the Park also serves a range of healthful sips. Hubby tried their Ginger Brew drink, a light, spicy sip of ginger sweetened with a lemonade base.



I had a rather thick, vegan Blueberry Smoothie (a delicious blend of fresh blueberries in almond milk with raw cacao, acai, chia and honey).



Inn the Park is a family-friendly restaurant, and they have a special menu for little ones. My daughter had their Little Fishy Goujons. This is not your regular frozen fish fingers, but rather, a refined version of actual Fish & Chips. The fresh fillet of fish comes in a very crunchy crumbly coating which she loved, and the quantity is just right for small appetites.



My daughter had a fresh Green Apple Juice. At Inn the Park, all their juices are freshly squeezed, nothing out of a packet.



We ended our outdoor soiree with steaming hot cups of coffee. Hubby had a Flat White, and I tried the more uncommon Golden Latte.



Here’s news for you… Inn the Park’s Golden Latte is not a coffee! It has no coffee or any form of caffeine added in. The drink consists of a frothy almond milk base that has been perked up with a mix of spices including cardamom and cinnamon, and given its characteristic golden hue with a pinch of health-enhancing turmeric. This latte is like a warm, comforting hug that goes down beautifully on a cool winter’s afternoon outdoors.



Make the most of the picnic weather, and head to Al Khazzan park with the family. Treat your troupe to a healthful, delicious meal at Inn the Park, and save yourself the hassle of putting together a picnic hamper of your own!

They tell me they will be adding desserts to the menu soon, I will be back for sure!