Shiseido Ever Bloom Eau De Parfum Review

I am always over the moon when I receive goodies from Shiseido, Japan’s best known premium beauty brand. Shiseido has earned a global reputation for their breakthrough, innovative skincare and makeup ranges, but very few talk about their fragrances.

I have never used a Shiseido scent before, and was rather intrigued when I received this pretty little 20 ml bottle of Shiseido Ever Bloom Eau De Parfum. The packaging, with its pale pinks and the very astutely structured bottle, is oh so feminine and classy. I was rather intimidated about actually putting it to use… it is a showpiece in itself!

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The name ‘Ever Bloom’ suggests a highly floral scent. I or one prefer more woodier, spicier notes. Thankfully the Shiseido Ever Bloom Eau De Parfum does not fall in the potpourri category as it has been enhanced with woody, musky notes.

Unlike the traditional pyramid-style structure of fragrance notes, the Shiseido Ever Bloom Eau De Parfum works on an innovative circular structure where all key notes are given equal status.

Key Notes in the Shiseido Ever Bloom Eau De Parfum:

  • Lotus,
  • Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose,
  • Orange Blossom,
  • Gardenia,
  • Hinoki Wood
  • Musk.


Keywords Describing the Shiseido Ever Bloom Eau De Parfum:

  • Floral
  • Hint of woodiness
  • Clean
  • Sophisticated
  • Feminine


I envision this classy little bottle on the vanity shelves of a posh, 30-something lady; a lady oozing self-confidence and proud of her femininity. It is floral, yet deep. It’s main premise lies in a smokey, alluring muskiness that makes it wearable by floral-detesting fragrance spritzers like myself. Definitely not one that can be shared with the boys, the Shiseido Ever Bloom Eau De Parfum is one of those pretty keepsakes you’d want to treasure in your fragrance armoire.