Skincare Tips from Dr. Gharib (Professional Dermatologist at Kaya Skin Clinic)

Dr. Mohamed El Gharib is a qualified dermatologist with over 14 years of experience. Dr Ghareb Kaya Skin Clinic Dubai UAE dermatologist skincare tips on The Tezzy Files Dubai Beauty lifestyle blog bloggerHis impressive CV covers some of the world’s most prestigious medical institutions across Egypt, France and Saudi Arabia. Lucky for us, he is now based in Dubai, and practicing at one of my favorite skincare clinics; Kaya Skin Clinic.

I had a brief chat with Dr. Gharib, and he has shared some invaluable words of wisdom on how to cheat time, and keep the complexion looking beautifully soft, supple and youthful. Read on for more.

1)How long have you been practicing dermatology? Please tell us why this particular line of medicine took your interest.

I am practicing dermatology since 2002.  I find it to be a very interesting specialty, and I wanted to further widen my knowledge scope about it. So I started my Masters Degree in Dermatology and Venereolgy in Alexandria, Egypt, then moved to France where I did have my Diploma from University of Victor Segalen, France in 2008. I got another Masters degree from Senghor University, France in 2011. I worked at some of the finest medical institutions in Egypt, France and Saudi Arabia, so it has been about 14 years now. My experience has taught me that as the skin is the largest organ of the body, it helps you to look like the real you. Our role, as expert dermatologists, is to help our clients to find their real beauty, to restore that fresh, glowing, shiny skin they deserve to have.

My experience has taught me that as the skin is the largest organ of the body, it helps you to look like the real you.

2) The skin is the body’s largest organ. What are the prime external factors that affect our skin health, and what are the best means of protection?

Sun exposure, heat and dust are the prime external factors affecting our skin on daily basis. While walking ,cooking, doing sports and any other everyday chores, these factors have a profound effect on the skin’s moisture levels and elasticity, and can give way to uneven skin tones due to hyper-pigmentation.

The best form of protection is sunscreen. On a daily basis every morning, and every two hours when continuously exposed to the sun. This is important even if you are indoors, but especially so when swimming.

Protect and maintain the hydration and moisture of your skin by using the appropriate day and night creams, the appropriate cleanser and toner suitable for your skin type, and drinking enough water.

The best form of protection is sunscreen.


3) Tell us more about the aging process. How can one cheat time and keep the complexion looking youthfully supple?

With aging, the outer skin layer thins. Aging skin looks thinner and paler. Large pigmentation spots may appear in sun-exposed areas. Changes in elastin and collagen reduces the skin’s strength and elasticity.

The blood vessels in the skin become more fragile. Sebaceous glands produce less oil as you age. This can make it harder to keep the skin moist, resulting in dryness and itchiness.

The subcutaneous fat layer thins so it has less insulation and padding. Bony and muscular changes resulting with thinning of fatty layer results in sagging skin.

Appropriate daily care is vital for taking control of the aging process. Keep the skin moisturized and hydrated to maintain its strength and elasticity.

Certain anti-aging services and procedures including fillers, Botox, mesotherapy , PRP , dermaroller, dermapen and sublime will help to stimulate elastin and collagen to maintain the skin strength and hydration. The appropriate daily skin care like the Kaya collagen intense solution, dermastemness benefactor, and dermastemness reviving serum with collagen, stem cells and hyaluronic acid will maintain the results and keep your skin the way you like to see it.


4) Collagen supplements are all the rage. Please tell us your thoughts.

We naturally lose collagen as we age. This means skin appears thinner with loss of elasticity. This can lead to spots and wrinkles. There are other factors that reduces collagen, like sun exposure damage and poor nutrition.

The question is still out on whether collagen supplements significantly affect the skin’s appearance. As with all skincare products, results may vary. And like other supplements, you have to choose the best one.

Collagen supplements are digested and absorbed by the body. Many people take them to help with joint pain, and now collagen supplements are becoming more popular as treatment for aging skin. As a matter of fact, certain oral collagen supplements had shown to significantly increase skin elasticity levels on a previous study.


5) What is your take on organic beauty products?

Many people try to buy daily skin care products containing natural or organic ingredients instead of chemicals to avoid harming their skin with elements they don t know whether it is beneficial or not.

For example we at Kaya provide our clients with the appropriate organic natural skin care products like our creamy exfoliate rinse, refining mist, all day brightening cream and overnight brightening nourisher with purple orchid and Japanese cherry extract to give the anti-aging, hydrating and anti oxidant effect they need.

Or try the Kaya brightening and firming eye serum with soy and rice peptides and seaweed extracts to maintain a glowing eye contour.

If it isn’t organic, Kaya will only use chemical ingredients tested approved not to be harmful and under dermatological guidance and follow up.


6) Are you for or against surgical beauty processes? 

Surgical beauty processes should be done only when needed to treat a deformity or to restore when other non-surgical procedures have failed to give the appropriate results. For example, if the skin is sagging and we cannot restore it with fillers or non-surgical face tightening, yes I would recommend going for a face lift.

…ensure that you take enough water (around 2 liters) daily


7) Diet plays a vital role in skin health. Please advise on the do’s and don’ts.

In the morning and during the day ensure that you take enough water (around 2 liters) daily which keep your skin hydrated and soft.

For breakfast, have whole grain oatmeal with nondairy milk. Try to avoid dairy products that may aggravate acne for oily skin.

Tomatoes at lunch is a great idea. Have tomatoes for its lycopene content as it gives the skin better sun protection. Eat sardine as its rich in omega 3 and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Oysters are rich in zinc and help with skin cell growth.

Olive oil in your salad will protect the from skin premature aging.

During the day, drink green tea as it is good for skin elasticity and smoothness.

Snack on walnuts, they are full of omega 3.

Eat kiwifruit reach your daily Vitamin C need. Kiwifruit has a very strong antioxidant effect which makes the skin glow and also helps in collagen synthesis.


8) Given the long hot and humid summers of the UAE, what special precautions can UAE residents take for skincare?

During the hot humid weather we should ensure sunscreen is a part of our daily skin care routine. Start your morning with an SPF 50+ , and reapply every two hours in continuous sun exposure. Wear sunscreen 20 to 30 minutes before swimming. In Kaya we have our range of sunscreens suitable for each skin type whether oily, dry or sensitive.

Keep the skin hydrated by drinking enough water, and avoid direct sun exposure.


9) What are the new launches at Kaya Skin Clinic? 

In the work we do at Kaya; through all the clients we meet and skin concerns we see, we have always challenged ourselves to keep introducing safe and effective new solutions to give our clients what they want – clear, healthy, youthful skin!

Among our new launches in the recent months are a range of Medium depth peels that help in the reduction of pigmentation and acne scars.

We have rolled out the latest in laser hair reduction technology – Kaya Ultima which cuts down the time spent on laser drastically and is virtually painless.

We also recently launched our non-surgical face lift – which gives you the results of a facelift without the hassle of surgery! It’s an absolutely safe, painless and effective technique that has proven to have great results.

Last month we introduced a range of medicated face therapies that borrow from the latest advancements in skin care – like Stem cell therapy for age control. Nanotechnology for infusing do-good ingredients deeper into skin than was ever possible. Activated carbon with its remarkable ability to draw out impurities from skin, through a process called adsorption based on tiny electrical charges at a molecular level.


10) What is your own personal skincare regime?

As I have oily skin, I am using our Kaya purifying cleanser and toner with salicylic acid and mantellic acid to control the oiliness and its anti-inflammatory effect, together with antiox Vit C as an antioxidant, with the appropriate sunscreen.


11) Can you tell us the names of some of your personal favorite, can’t live without beauty products?

My favorites are the Antiox Vit C serum which gives the best glow to the skin, our Kaya Dermastemness range (argan stem cells, Hyaluronic acid and collagen) which help clients seeking anti-aging results. Apart from stimulating elastin and collagen, it helps maintain skin moisture and hydration levels and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

For fairness and anti-aging effect,  our Kaya all day brightening cream and overnight skin nourisher (purple orchid and Japanese cherry extract) gives a good anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, hydration needed for skin.

Your choice of daily skin care products is a very important factor that directly affects the quality of your skin on daily basis, so please always consult with a professional dermatologist to ensure you’ve made the right choice.