Replay Hyperfree Active Denim (A Fashion Breakthrough)

Everyone has a pair of prized well-worn jeans, the kind that allows you to flex and stretch, and wear around the house, and even deck up for a night about town. But have you ever taken yours to the gym, let alone for a jog about the park? I think not. Conventional denim is characteristically stiff and rigid, but this has all changed with Replay’s brand new Hyperfree Active Denims.

Taking the link between leisure-wear and athletics to a new extreme, Replay’s Hyperfree Active Denims were launched this May and are made from ultra-light natural fibers. The special recipe behind its making allows these denims to scoff at regular jeans and take the claim of being the smoothest denims in the world!

The Hyperfree denims are 100% elastic, and allow for 35% improved freedom of motion as compared to others in its class.

Hyperfree is available in 3 cuts for men, and 4 cuts for women. The women’s range includes a a skinny model, a slim low crotch cut, a boyfit and a boyfit jogging  model; Men’s style offer a slim, a jogging low crotch cut and a slim low crotch style. Every model come in a variety of washes.

Apart from workouts, I imagine these denims will be super comfy and also ideal for travel.

The Replay Hyperfree Active Denims are available at the Replay store in The Dubai Mall, and can also be bought globally from the online shop @