Fashion Tips: Look Taller & Slimmer Instantly!

Fashion tips for looking taller and slimmer without heels or losing weightWhat if I told you its possible to look a few inches taller and a few pounds thinner almost instantly? No, this isn’t another fad diet! With a few clever tweaks of your existing wardrobe, you really can cheat your way into a leaner, meaner look! You won’t want to miss these tips:

The Science of Stripes

Stripes look perfect for effortless summer cool, and are on-trend this season.

Meet my lovely smiley models in their lovely nautical blue stripes. Aren’t they simply show-stopping?! They were created to show you how your choice of stripes can make you look longer and leaner.

It’s all an optical illusion you see!

stripes vertical vs horizontal
Mr. Smiley on the left looks deceivingly taller and slimmer than his copy-paste on the right. Vertical stripes wins hands down.
thick vs thin stripes
Both Smileys don vertical stripes, yet Mr. Smiley on the right looks taller and thinner. Lesson learnt: thinner stripes are a better bet.
thin stripes vs narrow
Both wear thin, vertical stripes yet Mr. Smiley on the right looks longer & leaner. Moral of the story: go for lines that are closer together.

However, this does not mean you have to chuck out all your horizontal stripes. Just bear these tips in mind when choosing yours:

horizontal stripe variations
Thinner, narrower stripes really do give the illusion of a thinner torso. A mix of colored stripes not only looks more fun, but makes the illusion work even better.
diagonal stripes
Diagonal stripes are more flattering than horizontal. Again, a mix of color makes Mr. Smiley look thinner, taller and brighter!

A striped number I’ve got my eyes on this season is this gorgeous shirt from Bershka. I can see it being worn in a multiple number of ways:

bershka nour nasser

Reevaluate Your Shoe Shopping

Sure, a pair of killer heels will make you stand taller in the crowd but there’s more to the science behind shoe shopping than the actual height of those heels.

Pencil is Primo: Although I personally detest wearing pencil heels (it’s not me, its my poor unnaturally arched up feet that’s talking!), there’s nothing quite as sexy as a pair of dramatically skinny towering heels.

Platforms are In: If your feet detest the hassle of pencil heels, fret not. Platform heels are here to stay! Platforms have to be fashion’s best invention for the vertically challenged as they add height without the need for much balance, and can be worn comfortably all day long.

Make Flats Work: If you are a staunch lover of flats, the below tips apply to you as much as they do for heels:

Less is More: When buying shoes, look for styles with maximum skin exposure. With more skin showing, a visual illusion is created. The legs look magically longer!

more skin
More skin = More leg! Image sourced from Pinterest.

Avoid Bulky Strapping: Following on from ‘less is more’, delicate details won’t steal space from skin exposure. Strappy styles are classic for a reason!

strappier shoes make you look thinner
The thinner straps on the left make the legs look visibly thinner as compared to the bulkier straps on the right. Images sourced from Pinterest.

Pointy is Perfect: Working on the illusion of longer legs, a pointy pair (be it heeled or flats) adds length to the feet. Aren’t these flats adorable?!

pointy flats to make you look taller
Images sourced from Pinterest.

Go Nude: Try finding a nude pair of shoes that come as close as possible to your natural skin tone. This too shall give the illusion of never-ending legs!

Image sourced from Pinterest.

A dream pair would be the Christian Louboutin Nude heels. They have sexy slim heels, and even come in a number of shades for a range of skin-tones.

Images sourced from Pinterest.
Images sourced from Pinterest.

Bag Choices

Strange as it may sound, your choice of bags might be pulling you down, literally!

When shopping for bags, opt for styles that go proportionally well with your size and structure.

If you want to look taller, over-sized totes are not your friend. They look disproportional and add bulk to the overall look.

look taller choice of bags
The same mannequin dons a similar style of Chanel bags, yet the smaller bag makes the mannequin appear slightly more elongated. Mannequin images have been sourced from a great website to buy preloved designer labels.

Color Coding

Black is a must in every wardrobe, and with good reason. Black absorbs light, and hides a multiple of sins. Wear darker colors around your trouble areas.

Or you might want to try going monotone; one color all over gives a uniform look that elongates the body overall. I love this stunning red jumpsuit by Judith Hobby:

judith hobby red jumpsuit color blocking

Tailored To Fit

Nothing beats well-tailored clothing. Too tight, and you risk the bulge; too loose and you look baggy and out of shape. Choose styles that make you feel comfortable and suit your body shape. Invest in good shape-enhancing underwear. Victoria’s Secret is no longer a secret after all!

Short Shorts (Up the Hemline)

Exposing more leg visually elongates the lower torso.

Even with flats, the model's higher hemline makes her appear taller.
Even with flats, the model’s higher hemline makes her appear taller. (Image sourced from Pinterest).

Tuck It In

Tucking in your short exposes the legs from the waist down elongating the lower torso perfectly.

Tucking in the top exposes more leg, and makes the model appear taller and leaner. (Image taken from Google).
Tucking in the top exposes more leg, and makes the model appear taller and leaner. (Image taken from Google).

High Waist Styles

A higher waist not only helps hold in a protruding tummy, but acts as a visual aid in elongating the upper torso.

I’m in love with these slightly flared Koral High Waist Jeans from Loving how the model has her shirt tucked in with this pair. The vertical line down the front of each leg further accentuates the length of the legs. I want!

Koral High Waist Jeans $255.19 ar 1
Koral High Waist Jeans $255.19 at

Hair Tricks

Trim it Short: A long, shapeless mane will only drag down weight to your overall look. Keep hair off your shoulders with a cute bob or pixie cut. Show off that decolletage. Remember, more skin is a win-win!

hair cut look slimmer
Image taken from Pinterest

Bun is Fun: If you don’t fancy a chop, a messy bun (or a more neatly done one for work or otherwise) instantly adds a visual element of height to your structure. It’s also a great way to keep hair off the shoulders and works well for the hot summer months.

Reese Witherspoon looks stylishly chic with her simple yet elegant hair bun. (Image sourced from Pinterest).
Reese Witherspoon looks stylishly chic with her simple yet elegant hair bun. (Image sourced from Pinterest).