Hello 2016!

Happy 2016! New Year’s Day is a special time for all of us. It’s a common birthday date we all share, a new beginning to set everything right.

Do you keep New Year Resolutions? I am guilty of being rather regurgitative with mine, and have been going with the most commonly kept ‘fitter, trimmer me’ mantra.

Early into 2015, I almost thought I’d managed to keep it! There I was jogging down the park smirking to myself thinking more than half my co-joggers will fizzle out by early Feb. The joke’s on me; I didn’t last past the third week of Jan.

Sure, I need to work on my fitness, but unlike previous years I will not make it a resolution. Instead I am planning to focus on more altruistic self-growth goals.

Spend Wisely

I am a total shopaholic, I take retail therapy to the extreme. Like many girls, my wardrobe is packed and yet I struggle on what to wear each morning.

This year, I am planning to go for a major wardrobe detox and only invest in quality pieces that can we worn and re-worn in a multitude of styles, for a multitude of occasions.

Expect lots of repeats in my #ootd posts!

Get Busy in the Kitchen

I am a total foodie, and my blog is dominated with reviews of wonderful restaurants I’ve had the pleasure to eat. I have also collated recipes from lovely people I happen to meet, yet I hardly try out anything as exciting in my own kitchen.

In my early teens, my friends christened me Betty Crocker for my sheer love for baking. That passion somehow fizzled out with life getting in the way, and then this New Year’s Eve I was gifted this very stunning, sturdy, much talked about Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer!


I can’t wait to put it into action, and post recipes from my kitchen! Watch this space 😉

Eat More Real Food

I want to eliminate canned and frozen foods from my kitchen. This can be a real challenge as a working mum, but as I see it, healthier families are happier families.

I want to pile my plate with fresh, quality ingredients and improve my overall well-being, without conforming to a diet.

I also intend to eat more fat. Yes, you read that right. No, I’m not on a mission to get even bigger. I have just come to terms with my love for food, and instead of turning into a calories slave, I want to eliminate the bad fats from my diet and replace it with the good guys like extra virgin coconut oil (read about all the benefits of this miraculous gift from Mother Nature here. Even Nutritionist Rashi Chowdhury recommends it here.)

Walk More

I don’t have time for a gym membership. I have a desk job, I blog and I also play the mummy fiddle.

In 2016, I will go easy on myself and take baby steps with my personal fitness goals.

I’ll start by incorporating walking wherever possible. Perhaps I can start by taking up the furthest parking space wherever I go!

Switch Off More Often

We are so engrossed with the virtual world, that we often neglect the real people right in front of us.

This year, I plan to schedule my idle browsing time into set slots and spend more quality time with my loved ones.

Work on Better Blog Posts

Thank-you for your love and support for The Tezzy Files in the past year. I’m hoping to be back with a whole pile of brand new blog posts. Please feel free to let me know what you’d like to see more of on this space.

Love & luck for 2016,

Tezzy xoxo