Happy 2018! Here’s hoping this year turns out to be the best ever for the world over.

Have you kept any New Year’s Resolutions? A while ago, my resolution was to never keep a resolution again! This mainly stems from the fact that my past promises lay on the premise of exceptionally unrealistic fitness goals and super-speedy weight-loss.

Let’s face it, I’ve come to own my chubbiness and will leave my gymming inhibitions for another post. Come 2018, I’ve kept not one but a total of 4 New Year’s resolutions and I promise none of these have even the slightest inkling about weight-loss… or world peace.

Happy 2016! New Year’s Day is a special time for all of us. It’s a common birthday date we all share, a new beginning to set everything right.

Do you keep New Year Resolutions? I am guilty of being rather regurgitative with mine, and have been going with the most commonly kept ‘fitter, trimmer me’ mantra.

Early into 2015, I almost thought I’d managed to keep it! There I was jogging down the park smirking to myself thinking more than half my co-joggers will fizzle out by early Feb. The joke’s on me; I didn’t last past the third week of Jan.

Sure, I need to work on my fitness, but unlike previous years I will not make it a resolution. Instead I am planning to focus on more altruistic self-growth goals.