Christmas at Eloquent Elephant (Taj Dubai)

Eloquent Elephant, Taj Dubai’s friendly neighborhood gastro-pub, lives up to the eloquence of its name. Designed to look like a vintage gentleman’s nook, my vivid imagination pictured a Rudyard Kipling look-alike at a table here, sitting over drinks with his croons and twitching his hefty mouche.

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The most striking feature of the space is a wall of festive-looking light fittings that take inspiration from glass wine-making vessels.

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And ofcourse there are elephants, very ‘eloquent’ elephants framed in their formals, and looking very sophisticated indeed!

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We had the pleasure of being invited to review Eloquent Elephant’s Christmas Menu. It was a set 3-course menu punctuated with festive flare.

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Being a huge fan of salmon, I chose to have the ‘Smoked Salmon with Toasted Rye’ for starters.
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Served with a medley of flavorful sides, this salmon starter tastes even better than it looks! The smoked flavor is very delicate, and is further accentuated with the sauces. I especially liked the combination of this salmon with the truffle sauce, absolutely divine! Although this plate looks sleek and small, it is actually rather filling.
My husband went for the second option under starters. He chose to have the ‘Foie Gras Ballotine with Fig Chutney’. The foi gras had its full-on characteristic flavor, and was decadently creamy. It spread on beautifully on the crusty bread that was served on the side.
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When sampling the fig chutney that came with the foi gras, Hubby and I were on different camps. For him it was far too sweet, but I found it to be very moreish, and thought it went beautifully well with the contrasting flavors of the foi gras.
For our round of mains, we had a choice between the ‘Roast Turkey Roulade with all the trimmings’ and the ‘Wild Sea Bass, Lobster Truffle Mash, Thermider Glaze’.
Both Hubby and I went for the turkey. It just seemed more apt for Christmas!
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The roulade has a thicker outer crust, and the inner meat is more minced in texture. The flavors of roast have been beautifully marinated right into the center of the roulade, and this is one dense, filing dish! To take solace from all the turkey richness, the plate is loaded with a festive roundup of roasted vegetables including baby potatoes, brussel sprouts and purple yam. The dish also includes a very sweet beetroot chutney which to me, smeared on turkey, spells Christmas loud and clear!
A few of the invitees on our table opted to have the sea bass as a main dish, and I got rather jealous when I got major whiffs of truffle as their plates hit the table. Apparently the sea bass was even better than the turkey, but you decide!
We ended our Christmas tasting at the Eloquent Elephant with the ‘Not So Eloquent Mushed Mince Pie Sundae’. This is a frivolously fun medley of traditional Christmas fruit cake, ice-cream and a whole load of dried fruit, nuts and lollies. Best of all, our desserts came personalized with our blog names. How sweet is that!
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Our 3-course dinner at the Eloquent Elephant has revved up the festive spirit in us, and we are keen on counting down to Christmas.
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Eloquent Elephant has a whole load of festive cheer in stock for Dubai diners right up to New Year! Here’s a breakdown of their end of year specials:
eloquent elephant christmas and new year menu specials
Eloquent Elephant is located on the Ground Floor of Taj Dubai. For bookings and further information, please visit their website.
I’m leaving you with a video showcasing the making of an Eloquent Elephant painting (taken from the Taj Dubai Facebook page). Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did 🙂

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