MedColl: Yet another Collagen supplement? A Chitchat with Founder Roz Martin

Have you heard of MedColl? It’s the latest buzz on the beauty supplement counter, and the online reviews sound just as radiant as the product claims.
We’ve all heard of collagen, the structural naturally occurring protein in our bodies that keep our skin taut and youthful. The beauty sellers have adulterated the gullible market with sly cons including collagen creams and potions (logically speaking, how can smearing on some collagen help the overall complexion?).
Scientific studies have also proven that ingesting collagen is of little help. It just gets excreted like other proteins, and does not do much more for the skin.
medcoll review interview roz martin
Enter MedColl, a breakthrough medically backed supplement that is made of natural ingredients. Unlike other collagen supplements on the market, MedColl urges the body to create more collagen holistically, rather than supply it with an artificial source. MedColl promises much more than beautiful skin. With the body producing a better amount of collagen, MedColl promises healthy joints and a stronger immune system to boot. The product claims users can see results in as short a time as 45 days!

I am quite skeptical when it comes to taking supplements. And then I meet Roz Martin herself, the absolutely stunning Irish founder of MedColl is visiting Dubai this month, and her vibrant complexion and enthusiasm for the brand has me sold!
I’ve been on MedColl for a week now, and will report back on my experience once I complete a month 🙂


 Here is a transcript on what we talked about:
MedColl Roz Martin interview collagen beauty supplement natural
Roz Martin, the Founder of MedColl
How is MedColl different from other collagen supplements in the market?

Firstly, MedColl is the only anti-ageing skin supplement that doesn’t actually contain collagen itself but instead is comprised of an unique formula containing Collagen Precursors that help the body to make its own collagen in the skin.

Taking collagen itself, as in a collagen drink, powder or pill will only be broken down, digested and passed through the body like any other protein. The safest and most effective way for your body to maintain and even increase its declining collagen is to help the body make its own, we call this endogenous collagen, your body’s own natural collagen and there is only one way to do this, by giving the body the precursors.

There is no other way to get collagen into the body unless you inject or surgical implant. So taking any collagen product is a waste of time not to mention money.

How long did the process of creating Med Coll take? What did it involve?

  The formula for MedColl Derma started its research back in December 2010 which resulted in  a two year research and development study with Irelands leading medical collagen institute, The Conway Institute, UCD in Dublin. MedColl, the company began working with doctors and leading collagen scientists in developing and perfecting a scientific formulation that actually helped the body increase the secretions of collagen in the basal layer of the skin, the deepest layer. Following medical approval it was then launched onto the European market in September 2012, where it is now sold globally.

Please explain the importance of collagen, and its link to the aging process.

MedColl consumers are usually looking for a natural, safe and long lasting alternatives to some of the invasive injectable and surgical cosmetic procedures currently on the market, and can take the supplement daily as part of their diet. 

There are 3 proven benefits to taking MedColl:MedColl encourages the body to make its own collagen throughout, as it does not contain collagen but rather the ingredients to stimulate the body; this is far more effective not to mention safer.

MedColl contains hyaluronic acid which simply increases hydration in the skin, so extremely beneficial for the appearance and long term health of skin.MedColl reduces R.O.S. (Reactive Oxidative Species), so in essence it reduces the number of free radicals which result in premature ageing caused by exposure to pollutants, sun exposure, poor diet etc. 

Apart from having a great product in hand, you obviously have great business acumen! Do you have a business background?

Having formally studied Nutrition and Business, I entered the UK’s pharma industry as a Business Development Executive, essentially doing sales and marketing on the road as many people in the industry start off doing and then I worked my way up. A tough job, but I loved it and enjoyed the challenge of what is notoriously a cut throat industry. It was an amazing 13 years, with so much medical teaching and business training invested, along with the resilience one has to develop in order to thrive in such an industry; it is this I think that has helped me so much in building my own business and the MedColl brand. Not to mention an absolute and unwavering love of the products I develop.

Please share some tips for women looking at starting at starting off a business on her own.

You’ve got to love what you’re about to embark on and be willing to do whatever it takes to get it , not only off the ground but to keep it going even when there’s no money coming in and you’re doing 100 hour weeks for months. Running a business is not a job, it’s a way of life….for me it is anyway.

Apart from taking MedColl, please share your top 5 beauty must-haves.

1. Facial acupuncture sessions
2. Beta-carotene supplements.
3. Oyster liquid serum at night.
4. Silk pillowcase.
5. Joie de vivre

You have travelled across the world promoting MedColl. As an Irish woman, do you see a vast difference in women’s perspectives on beauty?

The further east we travel promoting and selling MedColl, the more important beauty, aesthetics and looking your absolute best become. I’ve always noted that Middle Eastern women, both local and expat seem to take better care of themselves and are a lot more conscious about having flawless, healthy skin making use of topicals, nutricosmetics (like MedColl) and other treatments and procedures.

Give us your take on invasive beauty treatments. Why are they gaining so much hype?

Well , cosmetic and surgical procedures can be option if you want a quick fix. I don’t’ think the skin would thank you for it in the long run though. All I would say is, if you are venturing down this treatment pathway, bear in mind that the upkeep of such treatments can be costly, the outcome varies from person to person, things can and do go wrong and any procedure is only ever going to be as good as the physician performing it. Always have any invasive cosmetic or surgical treatments done by a qualified surgeon or dermatologist.

Of course though, you could just take very good care of your skin naturally, use an SPF, good diet and add in nutricosmetics and age gracefully, which I think always looks better on a woman….I’m afraid I’ll always be an advocate for natural anti-ageing, or healthy ageing and a fan for the natural expression a woman can make. In the long run you will look better, believe me.

After MedColl, what do you have in store for the beauty world?

We have been working on an exciting  new product line in MedColl over the last couple of years with leading cosmetic formulators in the area of oyster research and will
be bringing a range of cosmetic skincare and serums to the market very soon. 

MedColl is available at all leading pharmacies across the UAE, and retails for AED 295 for a one-month supply.