RadMagnet: The ‘Raddest’ App to hit the UAE

We are slowly but surely morphing into an app-happy generation, and with technology literally at the tips of our fingers we are spoilt for choice with the magnitude of apps out there waiting to be downloaded.

Enter RadMagnet, an app created by a young, rad group of friends with the primary aim of showcasing the ‘raddest‘ happenings around Dubai.

The RadMagnet team, L to R: Shweta, Nikhil, Govind, Divyansh, Rishabh and Aashraya.

RadMagnet is your on-the-go entertainment guide around Dubai. Taking advantage of smart technology, RadMagnet allows its users to customize content feeds according to their preferences, and promises to have something for everyone.

Tezzy had a chat with RadMagnet. Do have a read up on this rad concept!

1) Tell us about RadMagnet. How did you come up with this app? What makes it stand out in the UAE market?

More often than not, we missed out on many of the awesome gigs happening in and around the city. This was mainly because they weren’t listed on the most popular and frequently visited weekend guides. Our mail boxes were filled with social promotions on almost everything out of our interests. This was a knock on our head, and we founded RadMagnet in the early days of March 2015. The motivation behind the creation of RadMagnet was to build something completely unorthodox in its functioning which kept us on our toes yet was cool and exciting that a super hub city like Dubai lacked.

Why we stand out?

We are not the traditional tourist city discovery guides. We believe in discovering the unusual and the hidden gems in the city just so that you get to explore our discovery. We provides users with categories to choose from, and get personalized curations about the things they love. RadMagnet’s goal is to get you to discover your city like never before.

2) Who are the content providers?

Initially, RadMagnet scouts the internet for freely available, copyright free data. Eventually, RadMagnet approaches the data creator and strikes a partnership to receive data directly from the creator. We promote emerging bloggers in order for them to get recognized and this way they get an alternative channel to showcase their skills in a RAD way.

3) Who do you envision to be the end-users of RadMagnet?

The entire Milky Way, although we are currently targeting the Earth. (Lol). On a serious note, RadMagnet is for everyone and anyone who wants to discover the variety of picks their city has to offer and that they are certainly not aware of.

4) Where can end-users download the app?

We are available on the Google Play Store (Android) and we have an iOS version coming shortly.

5) What more can we expect from RadMagnet in the near future?

Personalizations. Many more categories that suit your interests. Interesting collaborations.

And lately, we have been on the run around this awesome place (Dubai), so we definitely have lots of rad content that will engage our users just the way they seek to be engaged.

You will also find blog posts from The Tezzy Files on RadMagnet 🙂 Download a bit of rad today!