Are you a bookworm? Does your library of beloved reads take up most of your space? Do you like reading on the go? If you’ve ticked yes to atleast one of these questions, chances are you’ve either a) heard of and considered buying a Kindle, or b) are already a die-hard fan.

I fall into category b). My husband gifted me my very first Kindle over 2 years ago, and this ultra slim portable device literally goes everywhere I go. It is a handbag staple, and carries over 900 reads. My collection of books range from classic favorites to ones I have been recommended. I also have a few bedtime stories tucked in for my mini human. Who would have thought you could chug along an entire library in a handbag?!

We are slowly but surely morphing into an app-happy generation, and with technology literally at the tips of our fingers we are spoilt for choice with the magnitude of apps out there waiting to be downloaded.

Enter RadMagnet, an app created by a young, rad group of friends with the primary aim of showcasing the ‘raddest‘ happenings around Dubai.

The RadMagnet team, L to R: Shweta, Nikhil, Govind, Divyansh, Rishabh and Aashraya.

RadMagnet is your on-the-go entertainment guide around Dubai. Taking advantage of smart technology, RadMagnet allows its users to customize content feeds according to their preferences, and promises to have something for everyone.

Tezzy had a chat with RadMagnet. Do have a read up on this rad concept!