Kindle: My Favorite E-Reader Just Got a Brighter Upgrade

Are you a bookworm? Does your library of beloved reads take up most of your space? Do you like reading on the go? If you’ve ticked yes to atleast one of these questions, chances are you’ve either a) heard of and considered buying a Kindle, or b) are already a die-hard fan.

I fall into category b). My husband gifted me my very first Kindle over 2 years ago, and this ultra slim portable device literally goes everywhere I go. It is a handbag staple, and carries over 900 reads. My collection of books range from classic favorites to ones I have been recommended. I also have a few bedtime stories tucked in for my mini human. Who would have thought you could chug along an entire library in a handbag?!

Kindle cynics will smirk and say you can do the same on a smart-phone or any tablet on the market. This is probably because they’ve never had the pleasure of actually seeing a Kindle screen. Kindle has a very special technology of its own. The screen looks like printed paper, and this non-glare feature is so very kind to sensitive eyes like mine.

The only downfall of my sturdy old Kindle was the lack of a back-light. It limited my reading time to spaces with ample lighting. However, Amazon has just launched an upgrade… introducing the Kindle 2019.

Here’s 10 reasons why the Kindle 2019 should be your next E-Reader:

  1. The Backlight Upgrade: Yes, you can now read your Kindle in the dark!
  2. 6-inch screen: The perfectly portable size to read comfortably, and great for portability too.
  3. Portability: the all-new Kindle 2019 is lighter yet sturdier than its earlier counterpart.
  4. E-Ink Technology: The signature anti-glare screen is kind on the eyes.
    The 167 ppi glare-free display reads like real paper, even in direct sunlight.
  5. The Price Point: At AED 359, this is the lowest Kindle on the market, yet packed with features!
  6. Storage: Upto 4 gigabytes (that’s a whole lot of books!).
  7. Audio Capability: It can stream audible audio books via Bluetooth.
  8. Battery Life: Upto 6 weeks of battery life when fully charged.
  9. WiFi Capability: The Kindle 2019 is Wifi enabled, and you can browse the net on its glare-free screen.
  10. Reading Features: Read distraction-free. Highlight passages, look up definitions, translate words, and adjust text size—without ever leaving the page.

Order yours via today! Click here.