Barjeel Al Arab: Iftar Preview

The holy month of Ramadan is upon us, and with it comes a plethora of Iftar options around the city. Living in Dubai, we are truly blessed with the diversity of cuisines on offer at an equally varied range of budgets to suit every kind of foodie.

If you are looking for a very Emirati experience, an Iftar at Barjeel Al Arab should not be missed. We were invited to the Iftar preview last night, and got a delicious glimpse into the colorful hospitality of the region’s past.

Barjeel Al Arab Iftar

I wrote about Barjeel Al Arab here earlier. The restaurant is a part of the Barjeel Heritage Guesthouse, a restored historical building showcasing the charms of a bygone era. Stepping into this space mutes away the hustle-bustle of city life surrounding the vicinity, and the senses are transported back to the early days of the UAE.

An Iftar at Barjeel Al Arab is a majlis style. Guests laid back on beautifully embroidered Bedouin-style cushions, and a hearty meal was presented at the center for all to share.


The Iftar here celebrates the communal integrity of Arabic culture. Don’t expect to be served here; help yourself and pass on the dishes to your neighbors.

Emirati hospitality! We started off with hearty bowls of shredded chicken soup, cooked the way our mums did it. A wonderful start to the meal!
An obligatory platter of dried fruit. Muslims the world over break their fast with dates.
We had a variety of traditional Arabic dips and breads. The highlight of the meal was the very delicious Chicken Pilaf.
The Chicken Pilaf is to die for. This is an example of simple, traditional cooking at its best.
Even the cutlery at Barjeel Al Arab is authentic. Love the silver glasses!
Sweet endings with traditional bites of Arabic-style baklava.

Barjeel Al Arab has tied up with Architectural Heritage Society, a non-profit Dubai government entity focusing on the preservation of UAE’s historical sites. As a part of the Iftar at Barjeel Al Arab, the Society will provide a quick tour to a heritage mosque near the restaurant. Muslims can offer prayers, and Non-Muslims are welcome to visit and get a better feel of Muslim culture and Emirati heritage.

Iftar at Barjeel Al Arab costs AED 99 per person. For more information on bookings, please visit their website.

Ramadan Kareem!