Lama Jouni: her fashion muses & wardrobe must-haves

I had the pleasure of attending Fashion Forward Season 5 this month, and on Sunday 12th April Lebanese born Lama Jouni debuted in the Dubai fashion scene with her Autumn-Winter 2015 collection.

Lama Jouni, the designer behind the brand.
Lama Jouni, the designer behind the brand.

I shared a few sneak peaks from her collection with you here, and in today’s post we talk to Lama herself; her enviably fashionable background, her passion for design, and her invaluable tips every woman should be aware of.

Anyone living in the Gulf would stereotype the Lebanese as the most fashionable people on earth. How does your Lebanese genes come to play in your art?

The Lebanese mentality that I grew up with did not impose anything on me, I grew up free to love everything with no restrictions. Knowing that the Lebanese people have been through so much that’s why they live everyday as their last and that’s what makes them hungry to live and be the best at everything. Therefore my country has had a big affect on me and on every Lebanese I know.

You studied at Parsons & Esmod, Paris and trained under some of the most respected fashion houses like Balmain and Rad Hourani. What are 3 key gems of advice you have learnt about fashion from your impressive background?

Having trained at some of the big respected fashion houses I learned that teamwork is essential, organization and good spirit.

Which fashion collaboration has been most memorable, and why?

I don’t have only one memorable collaboration, I have learned something different from every experience, got to build great relationships and memories.

Your collection at Fashion Forward Dubai looked stunning! What was the inspiration behind this collection? Would it be safe to say you prefer muted, earthy tones?

The AW15 collection was inspired by Bianca Jigger but modernized for the women of this generation. I wanted to keep it minimal, chic and capture that side of my muse. As for the muted colors I wanted it to complement my designs for this season, but I will be experimenting with more colors in the next seasons.

Lama Jouni - Runway - Dubai FFWD April 2015

Describe the kind of woman you envision wearing Lama Jouni.

My kind of woman is passionate and independent, someone who likes to look timeless and chic with an edge.

What according to you are 5 key pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe?

  1. Classic black pants
  2. Pumps
  3. Biker leather Jacket
  4. Classic cape
  5. Slinky black dress

Please share tips on being fashionable at any size and age.

Women should understand their body types regardless of the age. Once a woman knows what fits her body proportionally, she is good to go. Feeling comfortable also is very important in being fashionable.

Describe your own personal style.

I like timeless pieces. I also like basics that I can wear always and be comfortable. I like to mix basic wear with pieces that are edgy. I can say that my personal style is minimalistic with edge.

What is your favorite piece from your collection, and why?

I love the first look in my collection, the jersey dress with the black mohair cape I think every women should have a simple flattering black dress and a comfy cape.

Lama Jouni - Runway - Dubai FFWD April 2015

What can we expect from Lama Jouni in the years to come?

Expansion.. Hopefully I will be working on a couture line as soon as I have my team completed. Moreover will be also selling in boutiques in Paris and Europe.

Where can we buy the collection?

Till now we work with direct clients and soon will be revealing all the online stores and boutiques in the UAE and the Middle East through our website and social media.

Thank-you Lama! We wish you all the best with your future in fashion.