DIY Twinkle Star Pants

I love DIY projects but can be pretty lazy at getting them done. My Pinterest boards are flooded with nifty DIY pins I’ve been meaning to do.

Then I found this cute little box of fabric paint and stencils at Tchibo for a meager AED 35!

tchibo diy

For those of you who haven’t heard of Tchibo, this is a German retail chain that sells all kinds of interesting home-ware, gifting and clothing items. Their products are of high-quality German make, and are very reasonably priced. Check out the German script on my ‘Fabric Design Set’! I got it at the branch in Sharjah City Centre.

The crafty child in me was doing summersaults, and before long I raided my wardrobe looking for something to experiment on.

I’ve had these dusky rose jeans from Vero Moda for the longest time. Although I love the color, the shade comes very close to my skin-tone and I’ve received comments that it can look a little ‘naked’ from afar. So I found my experimental piece and got to work!image_3

I chose the pot of metallic lilac paint as I thought the shade went well with the dusky rose pants.

The set comes with a paintbrush and a sponge-brush.

I chose the star template, and as it is a larger stencil compared to the more smaller detailed ones, the sponge-brush was the best option to use and made application super easy.


And here is the end product:


My toddler loves these pants! I let her help with some of the painting. She’s christened it the ‘Twinkle Star Pants’.


Are these a little too quirky for your taste? Beat this, I wore them to work!