Sikkim Girls by Lush

Beware of the Sikkim Girls. Covered from head to foot, the manage to seduce away husbands with subtle sensual sways.

Sheema Mukherjee, an Indian musician, happened to be on holiday in the p906682_348533855314372_2035128776283117865_oicturesque Eastern Indian province of Darjeeling and came across a quaint little eatery called ‘Hot Stimulating Cafe’. It was here she heard of the Sikkim Girls. The café owner told her of their prowess, and how they had managed to steal his daughter’s husband.

It was this rather exotic encounter that inspired Lush’s perfumers Simon and Mark Constantine to create the Sikkim Girls scent.

The scent features sultry floral notes of frangipani, jasmine and tuberose on a sweet base of vanilla. Although the key notes are floral, I would describe it as a heady, sensual, almost musky scent that wears well into the day. It has a spicy undertone that makes it quite grown-up and sexy.

The label features a charming illustration of the sensual Sikkim Girls in red, black and white, and comes in bottles of 0.3 oz. to 3.1 oz.


I got the Sikkim Girls in the dropper bottle. It is a perfume oil, and seems to last longer on my skin than a regular spray form.


It is also available in solid perfume form, which might be handy for the bag.


Or if you just want a subtle hint of the exotic, Lush also has the Sikkim Girls in a body cream.


I am planning to get the body cream to layer on with my Sikkim Girls scent for even longer lasting sensuality. I think this is fast becoming my signature scent.