I haven’t done a #motd (‘makeup of the day’) post for a while, so today’s write-up is a breakdown of what went on my face to create my last selfie upload on Instagram:

They say a significant portion of your selfie game is determined by the state of your hair, and I can’t agree more. I have already been raving about the balayage blonde coloring I got done by the very talented Roger from Station 10 salon (located in Ramada Jumeirah) – click here if you missed it. For more information and appointments, give them a call on 04 7027098.

About a month or so ago, I was craving a very red lipstick. A fiery, bright engine-truck red that would add oomph to anything I wear. I also wanted it in a matte finish, which, I believe is best for keeping bright lipstick colours wearable for any time of day.

I reached out to the counters of two of my favorite lipstick brands; Mac and Makeup Forever. “Give me your reddest lipstick in matte please!” And I ended up with Mac’s Ruby Woo from their Retro Matte collection, and Makeup Forever’s M8 Matte Bright Red from their Rouge Artist Intense collection.

I know this is not exactly a comparison of apples to apples, but these are the two shades that were recommended to me for fitting into my ‘very red and matte’ criteria. The reddest lipstick Mac Ruby Woo versus Makeup Forever M8 Matte Bright Red The Tezzy Files Beauty Blog Dubai (3)

I’ve always been a beauty hoarder. I am a marketer’s dream (ironic, considering I’m a marketer myself!). I fall for the latest gimmicks, and the prettiest packaging, but I seldom play with my paints.

After attending a number of beauty events as a blogger, I’ve become more adventurous in my quest of morphing into a makeup artist, and the recent months have seen me splurging on a number of gorgeous brands, and gorgeous, gorgeous colors.

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