Wok & Co: Pan-Asian with Panache (Ibis Central)

Dining at Wok & Co at Ibis Central is nothing short of magical. Apart from my love for their wide range of Pan-Asian favorites, the interiors of this restaurant are absolutely spectacular. I’ve dined here a number of times for dinner, and love their cozy, dimly lit booths that make for a perfect date night setting, and I was recently back for a lunch catchup with a friend. The place takes on a different beauty flooded in the sunlight.

We let the chef choose the majority of our dishes and enjoyed a very leisurely 3 hours of great food and amicable conversation.

For our starters round, we had an assortment of Asian favorites including steamed dumplings, very crisp, golden brown spring rolls, breaded calamari and a platter of dynamite prawns. My favorite was the calamari. Many places tend to over-cook the calamari, making it dry and elastic in texture. At Wok & Co, it was deep-fried to perfection, yet the meat was steaming hot, soft and tender.

We were also served hot bowls of soup. My daughter enjoyed her Tom Yum, but I didn’t quite like my Hot & Sour soup. The taste of chicken was a little overwhelming, or perhaps it was an overdose of fish sauce.

For our main course we were served a generously large platter of Yakisoba Noodles, tossed with an variety of seafood. We also had a bowl on Cantonese Fried Rice, a sweet yet satiatingly good Honey Lemon Chicken, stir-fried Sambal Seafood and stir-fried prawn in a secret XO sauce.

My favorites include the Yakisoba noodles, the Sambal Seafood and the Honey Lemon Chicken.

We washed it all down with an assortment of mocktails, and the chef was also obliging enough to create a special drink on my request for something with Thai red chili and lemongrass! And don’t you just love their eco-friendly, biodegradable cornstarch straws?!

Ending on a sweet note, we had a very interesting fusion-Asian dessert; this was the Japanese Green Tea Tiramisu cake. Soft and moist with a hint of tea flavor, it was wiped clean off the plate in no time.

We also had a rich chocolate slice which my little one forked through with ease.

If you love pan-Asian cuisine, a visit to Wok & Co should be on your list. And for those looking for a romantic night out, book a booth here one evening and thank me later 😉