The Gota Patti Saree by Suchita Stylista

There is nothing like traditional Indian hand-worked embroidery. Every region of this vast country boasts of their own style of handiwork and hand looms, and the North Western state of Rajasthan arguably takes the lead when it comes to the brightest hues of color and color clashes. The art of tie-dye that was an integral part of the hippie movement of the roaring sixties was born here.

Rajasthan is also home to Gota Patti. What is Gota Patti you ask? It is an ornate version of applique embroidery where intricately cut pieces of gold or silver ribbon are placed into a pattern and sewn onto either georgette or silk.

Traditionally, genuine pieces of gold, silver or copper were used in place of ribbon. But given the cost and the higher chances of tarnish, new-age materials have been introduced.

Given Gota Patti is an intricate, time-consuming craft, the pricing for an elaborately done piece does not come cheap.

Gota Patti is usually reserved for very special occasions like weddings, and can be seen on a bridal lehanga, on ornate dupattas and even on a groom’s turban piece.

This 6 yard pure georgette saree by Suchita Stylista features heavily done Gota Patti work on the border and the bodice.

It is available in a number of colors, but I personally liked the yellow as it compliments the shimmer of gold from the Gota Patti.

This heavy sari would be perfect for a bridal trousseau, or for attending an elaborate Indian wedding.

Gota Patti is a dying art, and artisans are getting fewer in number as the new generation move on to more lucrative careers. The value of a saree like this will therefore only increase over the years; a genuine treasure that can be handed down as a keepsake.

Photography by my talented friend @nervijo_photography This was a part of an exciting photo-shoot showcasing the brand new collection by Suchita Stylista. We chose to shoot in the lesser known nooks and crannies of Sharjah; the old, the deserted yet hauntingly beautiful. Follow me on Instagram for more.