Blue hues on a boat to nowhere

I am a big fan of Suchita Stylista, the Indo-Western fashion label created by locally based German-Indian designer Suchita Pandey. With roots in the heart of Rajasthan, the collection is inspired by the folklore of cultural fabrics and hand-dyed traditions yet recreated for the silhouette of the modern woman.

When Suchita asked me to showcase some of her latest designs, I turned to my very talented photographer friend Nervijo Photography for inspiration on a mood board that will be apt for the Suchita Stylista story.

We decided to embark on a photography adventure of sorts and ventured out to the oldest corners of Sharjah at the early hours of a Friday morning.

Driving past the popular Al Jubail Fish & Vegetables Market, we spotted a row of traditional dhow boats. Weathered from many a voyage, the old Arabesque boats have many a tale to tell etched into their woodwork.

We parked by the docks and before we knew it, a group of curious fishermen formed a group around us. The morning was cold, yet their hospitality endearingly warm.

They lead us to their common area where a set of abandoned couches formed a communal circle.

The chaotic makeshift of the boats and all the vessels that hold dear to the modest lives of the fishermen have an endearing beauty that got us clicking.

The fishermen were kind enough to let us board a boat, and I was helped up onto the creaky wooden board, stilettos and all.

We thanked the fishermen for their kindness. Perhaps they will never read this blog and perhaps they have never heard of Instagram, for they live in a world of their own. They are men of the salted sea, a rare species in the glitz and glamour of the UAE.

Sky blue chanderi silk pant and top set featuring hand-worked golden embroidery by Suchita Stylista.