The Jute Dress

When I think ‘jute’ I usually envision a sack… the quintessentially rustic earthy brown woven sack often used for storing my favorite root vegetable, the humble potato. 

Jute bags have always been prized for their rugged sturdiness, and over the years have even managed to become a fashion statement. But who would have thought this humble fabric would weave its way into wearable fashion?

Given the advance in weaving technology, the coarseness of jute as we know it has been subdued into beautifully wearable, breathable fabric that can be compared to linen.

I recently discovered Shah & Mengals, an Indo-Western fashion and accessories brand that was conceptualized and created by the very talented Asma Salman right here in the UAE. All her pieces are designed and made in the UAE, and are inspired by her Indian-Pakistani heritage. 

One of Asma’s best-selling pieces is the Jute Dress. It comes in different lengths and frills, and there are also different gold embellishment prints. 

When I first saw this dress, I thought it would easily add 10 kilos to my already bulky frame. It looks fluffed up, but when you actually wear it, the fabric feels so light and comfortable.

It may not be figure-hugging, but this silhouette is flattering on any size and shape.

What I like best about this dress is that it looks so regal thanks to the glimmer of gold, yet its comfortable enough to feel like casual wear.

Shah & Mengals also offers tailored kurtas (long Indian-style tops) made of the same material. Do check out their other collections on their Instagram page @snm_by_asmasalman 

This photo shoot took place at Al Majaz Waterfront, Sharjah UAE and all the images were shot and edited by Nasar Photography. Do check out their Facebook page to see more of their work, and give them a call on +971 553 935501 for bookings.