My Experience with the Hollywood Carbon Laser Treatment (Canadian Specialist Hospital, Dubai)

My Instagram inbox is on fire. I uploaded a series of Insta Stories showcasing my firsthand experience of the much coveted Hollywood Carbon Laser Facial, and indeed it looks pretty scary.

Despite the freakish nature of the actual treatment, this facial peel treatment has a line up of celebrities who endorse it including the likes of Angelina Jolie and the Kardashians.


What is the Hollywood Carbon Laser Treatment?

A non-invasive, pain-free laser treatment that involves smearing the face with an activated carbon cream and using the heat energy of laser technology to penetrate the dermis.

The ‘peel’ removes the top-most layer of dead skin cells, stimulating skin repair and collagen regeneration. It works hard on pesky pores, deep-cleansing and minimizing their appearance.


What does it promise to do?

  • Remove dead skin, revealing new, glowing skin
  • Even out melanin production to clear skin discolorations
  • Cleans out pores, and minimizes their appearance
  • Removes blackheads
  • Highly beneficial for acne-prone skin


Tezzy’s Firsthand Experience of the Hollywood Carbon Laser Facial


I made an appointment with Canadian Specialist Hospital. I was here to meet the head of the Dermatology department; Dr. Akhbar Ali.

The dermatology department at Canadian Specialist Hospital has a number of besotted skincare packages ranging in complexity and from invasive to high-end surgery procedures.

I was here to try out a facial, but left it to the expert to decide which treatment I need.

Dr. Akhbar examined my face. He concluded my face was far more tanned than the rest of my decolletage, and I could do with a treatment that brought back the glow. I have combination skin with a T-zone that gets more activated in the UAE sun, and the current humidity has also brought about a few zits that I zealously popped (much to the chagrin of a professional dermatologist). I also have a few stubborn blackheads and freckle-like skin tags that Dr. Akhbar tells me are hereditary and can be sorted with my next session.

For now, Dr. Akhbar prescribed the Hollywood Carbon Laser treatment to me.

Knowing I was having a dermatology session, I wore no makeup barring a coat of lip-gloss. I was asked to wash my face over a basin, and then I got to relax on a reclining chair where a technician gently swabbed on a layer of carbon cream on my entire face.

The carbon cream may look like road grease, but it’s very light and has no scent. I am asked to sit with this mask for 20 minutes. After this, the fireworks begin…

I am lead to the laser room where I get to lie down on a bench. I am made to wear protective goggles.

The first touch of the laser freaks me out. It crackles as it comes into contact with the carbon on my face, and it smells like burnt fireworks. Dr. Akhbar tells me to relax. It has a mild prickling sensation, but after the first swipe its nothing unbearable.

This may not be a relaxing zen-style facial, but once you get your head around the science of it all, the warm sensation becomes almost pleasant (barring the time the laser touched my nose ring and it felt a little too hot for comfort! Note to self… remove all piercings for future sessions).

The entire process took under 10 minutes. My face felt warm, and on first inspection, a little bumpy. The technician told me this is natural, and applied a generous coating of sunblock on my face.

As the procedure removes an entire layer of dead skin, it is crucial to wear sunblock to keep the newly exposed skin safe and healthy.

I woke up the next day with a definite glow to my face. I felt confident enough to go to work sans my usual tinted BB cream. Today is Day 3, and I’m still off the tinted cream, and sticking to sunblock.

I’ve also noticed a definite reduction in blackheads from my nose, and my pores look just that bit less noticeable.

The Hollywood Carbon Laser facial has given me a newfound boost of skin-loving confidence. It is definitely not for the faint of heart, but takes deep cleansing to a whole new level.

It’s a non-invasive procedure I’d like to redo every few months. The very idea of removing an entire mask of debris to expose new skin gives me motivation enough to take better care of my face.


Cost & Availability

The Hollywood Carbon Laser Facial takes under 40 minutes to complete, and costs AED 500 per session at the Canadian Specialist Hospital.

For bookings, give them a call on 04 707 2222 and ask for Dr. Akhbar Ali.