Tezzy’s DIY Eggy Glow Mask

As much as I love my eggs sunny side up, I often smear uncooked eggs on my face. Gotta love DIY Beauty.

This super simple face mask really does deliver on an instant, dewy glowing complexion and you probably already have all the ingredients in your pantry. And for those of you who fear the stench of raw eggs, the orange and honey really do manage to mask it up!


Tezzy’s DIY Eggy Glow Mask

Step 1: 
Take 1 Al Jazira Golden Egg (their fortified eggs are enriched with extra skin-loving Omega 3) & separate the egg white. Whip till frothy (great for working out that upper arm juggle!).

Step 2: 
Squeeze the juice of half a mandarin into the egg white. Freshly squeezed orange is high in Vitamin C, and a quick fix for achieving that much coveted skin glow.

Step 3: 
Add a generous heaped teaspoon of honey. Honey is a natural antibacterial and soothes, moisturizes and protects the skin .

Step 4: 
Whip it all up together .

Step 5: 
Brush onto the face evenly. Allow to dry slightly, and add a second layer .

Step 6: 
Wash off after 15 minutes #YouGlowGirl