NYX Wanderlust Envie De Voyager Dubai

Many a makeup palette are created with inspirations of the season, but rarely have I come across ones that are inspired by an entire city.

NYX Cosmetics has come up with the Wanderlust Lip & Eye Collection that are dedicated to seven major cities around the globe.

There’s one for Los Angeles, Madrid, Paris, London, Coopenhagen, Vancouver… and Dubai! 

I had a play with the Dubai palette, and absolutely love how universally flattering the colors are. Like the city itself, so culturally mixed, this palette caters to all skin-tones.


The eye-shadows feature 5 shimmery shades of golds, purple and blue as well as 3 matte shades in beige’s and black. The formulations are super soft and pigmented, and these shades have been specifically created with inspiration from the city of Dubai.

The palette also includes a full-sized Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade ‘Dubai’. This is an earthy neutral brown/nude that is perfect for day to dusk.

The palette itself is super compact and light, which makes it perfect for travel.

I hope to visit the other 6 cities in the near future, and when doing so I’ll try to get my hands on the respective palette. Will ensure my makeup is in par with my destination city!

What a clever concept NYX Cosmetics.