Kruzin Footwear: Sneakers Queen Alessandra Gold

Have you heard of Kruzin footwear? I’ve never been a sneakers kinda girl, but all that changed when I recently visited the brand’s very first flagship store at CityWalk, Dubai. Originating from Miami Florida, the styles here are so bling, so fashion-forward that you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a Dubai-born concept.

I walked away with these absolutely gorgeous, head-turning crackled silver sneakers, leaving the thought process on how I’d style them for later. And then the gremlin of doubt starts speaking to me… “Tezzy, these are too bling! Tezzy, these were made for teens, and not for a 30-something like you.”

KRUZIN Footwear Review Dubai Alessandra Gold Sneakers Queen Dare With Us Citywalk Dubai Fashion Blog UAE Crackled Silver Sneakers


Oh but my sense of fashion has always had a sense of quirky edginess, and I felt an even stronger affiliation with the Kruzin brand after I read up on Alessandra Gold.

Fondly known as the ‘Sneakers Queen’, I’d like to think of her as the Kat Von D of sneakers fashion. I love her personal style! Do look up her Instagram account @alessandragold13

Bold, sassy and defying the norms with a half-shaven head and edgy punk style, who would have guessed this Brazilian beauty is 45 and a mother of two? I love age-defying, fashion black sheep like Alessandra. Like Kat Von D in the beauty genre, they defy the current norms of ‘what’s in’, and make it work so effortlessly well.

KRUZIN Footwear Review Dubai Alessandra Gold Sneakers Queen Dare With Us Citywalk Dubai Fashion Blog UAE fashion icon
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But her unique sense of fashion is only half the surprise. Alessandra always had a love for fashion design, but growing up in Brazil, she had little choice on fashion schools. As the daughter of a very prominent politician, she wasn’t allowed to go off to Sao Paulo on her own, and the only safest option was New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology.

However, given the value of the US dollar, an admission there would have serious consequences on her father’s finances. Young Alessandra therefore got herself a job at a local bank, which lead her to getting a Finance and Accounting degree.

The job helped her save up for New York, and also armed her with a knack for numbers, thereby making her one of the footwear industry’s sharpest entrepreneurs in the business.

Alessandra has designed under her self-named Alessandra Gold, Goka Shoes and has been the Creative Director behind Miami-based Kruzin Footwear since 2009.

Her latest collection debuted with much fanfare in the Funkhion Fashion Week in Miami last December 2016. This was Kruzin’s very first solo show, and was entitled #DareWithUs .

The show showcased Kruzin’s brand new gold and silver chrome collection, stylized with the trademark red, white and black of the brand logo. Kruzin’s logo, the signature dare-devil head, was restyled to include the new mantra #DareWithUs .

The new collection can be best described as bling, fun and funky. From shades of gold, silver and rose gold covering shoes for men, women and children, the beauty of Alessandra’s creations lies in the detailing. From funky dinosaur-inspired spikes to bright faux fur and the signature devil head, these gorgeous shoes are definitely not your ordinary sneakers.


Styling Ideas to Compliment Kruzin Sneakers

Dare to be an Alessandra in a sea of fashion sheep, and stand out from the crowd. And styling these beauties is not as hard as you might think. I’ve worn my crackled silver sneakers in a number of ways:

KRUZIN Footwear Review Dubai Alessandra Gold Sneakers Queen Dare With Us Citywalk Dubai Fashion Blog UAE


  • Classic Monotone: With black skinny jeans, and a black top allowing the shoes to do all the talking.
  • Casual Denim: With ripped jeans and a casual tee. These shoes add even more fun to a casual day look.
  • Netted Stockings and a Cute Dress: I love this look best! A rather unexpected combination, these beauties look so unexpectedly cool when paired with netted stockings! And you really want to show this off, so wear a short dress, preferably something with a fun print to keep the funk levels soaring 😉


Where to Find Kruzin Footwear in the UAE

Kruzin Footwear has opened their very first flagship store in CityWalk (phase 2, next to Saladicious).

And do have a browse of their collection on the company website