Last week I was back at my all-time favorite Indian fusion café on CityWalk (phase 2); that would be Farzi Café ofcourse! We had a hearty lunch covering many of our favorites, and a few brand new quirky gems.

‘Farzi’ translates to ‘illusion’, and that is exactly what you get here… each and every item served on the table comes with an unexpected surprise of its own.

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A dainty Mango Amuse Bouche to whet the appetite.


Eid weekend and a table at Farzi? Next to impossible! Clever me, I had us booked in well in advance. With its earthy woods and chic café artwork, Farzi Café is a beautiful nook to spend time with friends and family, and especially so with all that sunshine flooding in. All this natural lighting does wonders for my Instagram feeds as well!

Citywalk Phase 2 has an eclectic vibe about it. Perhaps it’s the highly Instagrammed graffiti that adorn its surrounding walls, or the cobbled, open spaces, all at once European yet undisputedly Dubai that makes it so endearing. Despite the summer heat, the evenings are bustling with activity here. A group of children play hopscotch near the cascading fountain, young friends chat over coffee and haloed puffs of shisha. Yet above it all is the decadent scent of freshly baked bread and melting cheese.

Follow your nostrils, and you will find yourself in Babaji, Citywalk’s newest restaurant opening. A London import, and restauranteur Alan Yau’s very first international debut, Babaji is a wide and spacious, and has been brimming with diners from the time it opened this May. Word about their famous pide is out! Pide, the traditional Turkish cheese bread with assorted toppings, puts food-court pizza to shame.

Have you heard of Kruzin footwear? I’ve never been a sneakers kinda girl, but all that changed when I recently visited the brand’s very first flagship store at CityWalk, Dubai. Originating from Miami Florida, the styles here are so bling, so fashion-forward that you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a Dubai-born concept.

I walked away with these absolutely gorgeous, head-turning crackled silver sneakers, leaving the thought process on how I’d style them for later. And then the gremlin of doubt starts speaking to me… “Tezzy, these are too bling! Tezzy, these were made for teens, and not for a 30-something like you.”

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Oh but my sense of fashion has always had a sense of quirky edginess, and I felt an even stronger affiliation with the Kruzin brand after I read up on Alessandra Gold.

Honored to be the featured Food Blogger in Ahlan Masala! magazine for the 5th week in a row 🙂

Who doesn’t love chocolate? This brown slab of calorie-laden goodness manages to make all things right. If you are like me, you can easily scoff down an entire bar in a sitting. But at Boutique Le Chocolat, chocolate is taken to a whole new level of seriousness.


Proudly a home-grown concept created by the MERAAS group of companies, Boutique Le Chocolat boasts of housing 28 of the world’s most premium chocolate brands, with 60 more to come. And if you thought chocolate can only be dark, milk and white, I have news for you… they have a total of 700 different chocolate flavors, all under one roof! But this massive variety is only half the treat. At Boutique Le Chocolat, they take the ’boutique’ element of chocolate-making to new extremes!

The Brass (at CityWalk Phase 2, Dubai) takes coffee very seriously. On their counters is a display of fragile coffee apparatus that would be more fitting in the labs of a mad scientist. They even have rustic jute coffee sacks in the background, and quirky coffee quotes on the wall. The ambiance is all at once welcoming, chilled out and artsy. Everything here seems to be washed in an amber hue, so befitting of the cafe’s name.

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