Spa Ladies’ Night (Fairmont Dubai)

Because the standard Ladies’ Night at a pub with a few diluted drinks is so cliché… treat yourself and your besties to a laidback session of pampering and massages at Fairmont Dubai. Every Tuesday, from 2 to 10 pm, The Spa at Fairmont Dubai offers a highly discounted package inclusive of a leisurely lunch by the poolside, an hour-long session of yoga and meditation, access to the sauna and steam room, and a rejuvenating treatment of your choice. And how much would you expect for all this at one of Dubai’s finest hotel establishments? Hold your breath… it costs a mere AED 349 per person! Envy us boys!

Lucky me, I got invited by the lovely people at Fairmont Dubai to try it out for myself. Sadly I couldn’t do a Tuesday and thereby missed out on the yoga session, but my amigo Nisha and I did everything else!


We met up at The Spa, and were escorted to the pool. At Fairmont Dubai, you get to choose between the Sunrise and Sunset Pool. The Sunrise Pool is facing the East, and flooded with sunshine for the tanning enthusiasts. As we were lunching by the pool, we opted for the more shaded Sunset Pool.


In tune with the rejuvenating package that this is, the lunch here is very healthful and nutritious, and just look at how spectacular it is! Love the idea of serving it in a Bento Box. Our lunch featured a very delicious quinoa salad tossed with exotic fruit and vegetables, a green vegetable salad, and cheese and chicken sandwiches in high-fibre bread.


We sipped on chilled watermelon juice, and nibbled on dainty fruit skewers, and ended the meal with very satiating bowls of Blueberry & Chia Pudding.

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We then headed to The Spa, a very zen corner of the facility with dimmed lighting and the whiff of aromatic, soothing scents.

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The Spa has convenient locker facilities to put away valuables, and we changed into the bath robes and skimpy disposable underwear, ready for our massage sessions.

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Here’s a look at my treatment room, aptly called Venus… Like most spa facilities, this room features a treatment bed, a sink and rows of enticing body oils and treatments. I got introduced to the very lovely Halala, a young South African with magic in her fingers. Halala treated me to a 30 minute back, neck and head massage, kneading away the stress and tensions of the week. I felt like a snug, pampered baby and the scent of the aromatherapy oil put me into a trance.

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At The Spa, they use a high-end organic beauty range from Aromatherapy Associates London. This particular de-stress body oil is a fusion of ginger, black pepper, rosemary and lavender. It is deep, woody yet beautifully feminine.

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Post massage, I got treated to a facial. Once again, the treatment uses this gorgeous organic range of products and ends with a very earthy, refreshingly chilled Spirulina mask. You can’t buy these products commercially, but The Spa at Fairmont Dubai does stock them. I am thinking of going back for this Spirulina Mask; it retails for AED 269 but worked wonders on my tired, lackluster face.


I gingerly feel my face post treatment, and can’t seem to stop stroking my smooth, soft, rejuvenated skin. I thank Halala for her efforts, and we have a wee chat as she serves me a piping hot cup of Peppermint Tea. Halala has professional training in dermatology from South Africa, and it turns out we share a common interest in whipping up natural beauty products of our own. I tell her of my current obsession with Rosehip Oil, and she gives me a few recipes of her own… Halala makes her own face and body balm at home by melting together organic shea butter, coconut butter and a ripped teabag of Roobus tea over a bain-marie. She also recommends I use freshly grated potato as a pack for my tired eyes.


I finish off my tea with a good dollop of honey by the jacuzzi with my spa date Nisha, and head to the steam room. The steam room here is very large, and can easily accommodate a group of twenty. It is beautifully tiled in honey-beige and mystic edges of black, and resembles a public bath you would expect to find in the folklore of Greece. Lucky us, we have the whole space to ourselves, and we lie on the benches, breathing in the humidity and allowing all that pampering and oiling to marinate in. We then treat ourselves to a leisurely dip in the bubbly, warm jacuzzi and finish off with an ice-cold shower to shock the system and bring us back to life.


If you’re still up for drinks, you can head to the Cavalli Club which is right round the corner of Fairmont Dubai’s back entrance. We decided to keep it sober, and headed home feeling all pampered and refreshed. I slept like a baby that night… such a welcome change from a hangover from a standard Ladies’ Night!


For more details on Fairmont Dubai’s Spa Ladies’ Night, give them a call on +971 4 311 8800 or email