Beauty Review: Herbal Essentials Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Oil SPF 50

The summer sun is blaring bright and strong. Ironic how I always patronize the sunscreen only when the temperatures spike up. I really should have Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Wear Sunscreen’ song on repeat, regardless of the season. In case you’ve missed it, click here for my previous post with details on the importance of sunscreen.


I am a sucker for facial oils, and was quite intrigued by this oil-based SPF I spotted on This website has turned into my one-stop online shop for all things beauty, and love their one-day delivery service! My bottle of Herbal Essentials Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Oil SPF 50 arrived exactly a day after I hit the purchase button, all wrapped up in the signature Bashara Care box like a special pressie to myself.

A Quick Intro on Herbal Essentials

Herbal Essentials is a skincare brand that was conceptualized and created in Germany in 2008. The brand follows a the ancient Indian principals of Ayurveda. Through extensive research and sourcing the finest of natural ingredients, the product range is paraben and paraffin free, and is listed under PETA’s ‘Beauty Without Bunnies’ as a cruelty-free brand.


Herbal Essentials Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Oil SPF 50

What is it?

‘Formulated with a daily broad spectrum filter that offers effective UVA/UVB protection whilst leaving the skin hydrated with quick absorption. Non-greasy.’ – Herbal Essences website.


The Herbal Essentials Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Oil SPF 50 is a light-weight face and body oil that comes in a convenient spray bottle. The formulation is loaded with skin-loving natural ingredients, and provides UVA/UVB protection with a very high SPF of 50.


Key Ingredients:

  • Highly moisturizing Jojoba Oil and Rosemary Oil
  • Aloe Vera for optimal skin hydration
  • Sweet Orange Extract, loaded with Vitamin C antioxidants
  • Coconut oil for its endless list of benefits (click here for more)


How to Use

This bottle comes with an easy to use pump-style dispenser. Simply apply a pump or two of the product to the face and body, and rub in. For optimal SPF functionality, apply 30 mins before heading out and reapply every 2 hours when in contact with direct sun.


Why I LOVE the Herbal Essentials Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Oil SPF 50

  • It’s SPF 50! Pretty much the highest sun protection you’d ever need
  • No White Marks: Unlike many other sunscreens, this is oil based, and therefore leaves no white marks
  • Loaded with Skin-Loving Natural Ingredients: See the list above!
  • Smells Divine! The mix of natural oils is so enticingly sweet yet refreshing all at once. Addicted!
  • Face & Body. No need to invest in yet another product for yet another part of the body!
  • Easy to Use. Love the spray bottle application, so easy to use! Can easily go in the beach bag.
  • Non Greasy. Despite being oil-based, the formulation is non-greasy and very fast absorbing.
  • Great Value for Money! Given this SPF oil is loaded with natural skin-loving ingredients, AED 145 for a 120 ml bottle isn’t bad at all.


Product Availability:

The Herbal Essentials range of products is available across leading pharmacies in the UAE, including Boots, Bin Sina, Supercare, Life and the Dubai Duty Free pharmacies at Dubai International Airport. The brand is also available in Oman, Qatar and Pakistan. For super-quick, one day deliveries, I suggest you purchase online via . For those living outside the GCC region, you can still get your hands on the range via the brand’s website