Shoe Wisdom Every Girl Needs to Read

How many shoes do you own? I for one have always been a shoe hoarder, and always struggling with storage space for my collection. But what are the key pieces every girl needs in her shoe ammunition?

I had the honor of being a part of the Jimmy Choo media event this month, and finally got to meet Dubai’s shoe-queen herself; Natalia Shoestova! This celebrity fashion blogger is glamour personified, yet so grounded and incredibly funny too! I felt like we’ve been friends for ages. Natalia is the older sister we all crave, the one who tells you about high-end fashion like it needs to be told; no soft corners spared.

I picked up quite a few gems on shoe fashion during her talk at Jimmy Choo, and wanted to share them with you. Here goes:

  1. Every girl needs a pair of faithful pumps, preferably in black.
  2. Opt for black patent pumps.The shine of patent leather makes the pumps look more expensive! Plus, they are easier to wipe clean.
  3. Red pumps are also a must-have, they are absolutely sexy with anything you put on!
  4. Don’t shy away from bright, even neon, pumps. They can add so much drama to your outfit!
  5. A one-color pump is more versatile than a printed variation.
  6. However, animal prints can be very neutral and versatile with any outfit! Invest in leopard and python prints.
  7. Nude pumps are yet another must-have. They elongate the legs.
  8. When choosing a nude pair, go for a shade that is slightly lighter than your natural colour.
  9. Another new-age shade that is close to nudes is rose gold. A pair of rose gold shoes compliments any complexion.
  10. If you have to choose between gold and silver, go for gold. Silver is cold, gold adds warmth to the overall look.
  11. Avoid wedges if you have big feet, or are a big girl. They can make you look like a horse!
  12. Ankle-strap sandals look very ladylike and never go out of style.
  13. T-strap sandals are great for a casual daytime look, and can even be worn with socks.
  14. Another daytime heel that is comfy yet gives height is the classic Mary Janes.
  15. Nothing beats sky-high stilettos! Avoid bulky shoes when going for the sexy night look.
  16. Reserve flat shoes strictly for casual wear.
  17. Boots add oomph to any outfit. Invest in a classic black pair.
  18. Always ensure you’ve had a good pedicure when exposing your feet in sandals.
  19. Don’t be shy to fold up your pants to show off a pair of striking shoes!
  20. Work to party? Simply change into a bright metallic pair!
  21. Invest in casual sneakers that are not workout wear.
  22. Get shoes with metallic studs! These are made for powerful, confident women.
  23. Combat boots may be an unlikely category to add to your must-haves, but these work beautifully well with gypsy dresses and jeans. The ones at Jimmy Choo have feminine floral detailing that make them less manly.
  24. Every year, invest in just 1 ‘Work of Art’ pair of shoes. This is the quirky cool, crazy printed or absolutely sparkly pair that will do all the talking when worn with a simple, monotonous outfit.
  25. Girls, don’t be shy to be tall. Be even taller, and strut your stuff in sky-high, confidence-boosting heels!