Lush Knot Wraps: Beauty Joins Hands with Philanthropy

What’s not to love about Lush? This British natural beauty brand is an icon in its own right. Apart from their gorgeous range (which you can sniff down a mile away!), I love Lush for their philanthropic stance.

Lush has always gone the extra mile to showcase their love for the environment. From urging customers to recycle their famous Lush pots (take 5 empty pots back and get a free fresh face mask!) and their very artistically done up interiors made of reclaimed eco-friendly material (click here for more on that), I have always loved the concept of the Lush wraps.


Instead of using paper for gift-wrapping, Lush has always stocked this absolutely gorgeous range of colorfully printed scarves. Apart from making a very artsy gift wrap, these scarves act as an additional gift that can be worn as a scarf, a bandana, or even framed as a work of art. The possibilities are endless.

The beautiful Lush ladies showcase different ways of adorning the Knot Wraps.

This month, Lush has collaborated with Creative Space Beirut (CSB), a fashion design school offering free creative education to those in need. Students were asked to create artwork for the Lush wraps, and a jury consisting of well-reputed media, Lush employees and management, voted for the best design. The voting was also shared on a social media platform, and the consensus came up with not one, but two winners!

With 10 students participating, the winners Ibrahim Fakheriddine (illustration: My Ozone) and Ahmad Amer (illustration: Cultural Heritage), will have their illustrations printed on knot-wraps by Lush and will be sold within the all Lush stores in the GCC and Lebanon.

Ahmad Amer’s ‘Cultural Heritage’ was one of my personal favorites.

The sales proceeds from each of these wraps will go towards the welfare of Creative Space Beirut.

“We are so pleased to partner with Lush in this project especially as we possess common values,” said Sarah Hermez, the founder of CSB and fashion designer. “Our organisation is offering young individuals this unique opportunity to make design education accessible to all those with a vision, flair and drive, despite lacking the financial resources.”

Lina Tannir, myself & Sarah Hermez.

“It has been an inspiring and rewarding experience being a part of the judging process of this competition,” says Lina Tannir, Director of Lush Lebanon. “We are committed to the community and have a keen interest to support intiatives that meet our Lush values; CSB was a natural fit for us.”


But the philanthropic stance does not end there. These knot wraps are eco-friendly too! Each wrap is made out of two 250 gram plastic bottles.

“The knot-wraps are made from plastic bottles. We melt them down and spin them into thread to make our very own knot-wraps. Two 250g sized plastic bottles can be transformed into an amazing way to wrap a gift. And we believe these knot-wraps are the way forward for a more ethical and environmentally sound way of wrapping items,” says Anita Baker, the Business Director of Lush Middle East.


The special edition Lush Knot Wraps are available at all Lush stores across the UAE, and retail for AED 50 each.