Sinful Treats: Tezzy’s 4th Page of #FoodBlogger Contributions in Ahlan Masala!

Have you grabbed a copy of Ahlan Masala! magazine this week? Do look up my food blogger contributions for this week:


This week I recommend taking advantage of the weekend sushi offer at Smoking Doll (Abu Dhabi).

For personality of the week, I have chosen Chef Glady (Gladwin Anton). I am a huge fan of his mushroom risotto… learn how to make it for yourself by clicking here.

I even share a recipe of my own; Tezzy’s Tamarind Salsa. The sour zing of tamarind adds an exotic edge to your regular Mexican variant.

Food Fact: Did you know that the world’s most expensive coffee comes from Indonesia, and is essentially cat poop?! Kopi Luwak is a by-product of coffee beans that have been digested by Indonesian cat-like animals called civet. The feces are then sold for a fortune per cuppa!