RockkRagaa: Jewelry Inspired by Indian Classical Notes

Were you at the Numaish Winter Show earlier this month? Chances are you might have come across RockkRagaa, a bold contemporary Indian jewelry label debuting for the very first time in the UAE market.


RockkRagaa is the brainchild of classic Indian music artist Shruti Agrwal. On a chance trip to Florence, her love for classical music and free spirited styling merged together to inspire the creation of a line of pure silver jewelry, plated in 18 carat gold and encrusted in semi precious stones.



A total of seven different precious stones are used to represent the seven ‘surs’ (or notes) of music.

Many of the pieces are also inspired by the ‘tabla’, a pair of hand drums used in classical Indian music.



The designs by RockkRagaa are all at once bold, beautiful and stunningly unique.


The Numaish Winter Show may have come to an end, but you can still order in these besotted pieces through the RockkRagaa Facebook page. Click here for more!