Diamond Water: Live Healthy – Shine Bright

From time immemorial, diamonds have been the most coveted gemstone of all. Ancient sages proclaimed the gemstone has healing powers, and enriches the life of its wearer with health, wealth and an abundance of love.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It’s sheer brilliance has made it a symbol for purity, and now you can actually illuminate your health and well-being by sipping on water enriched with real diamonds. Diamond Water is the most precious water ever bottled.

Diamond Water Alkaline pH 9.5 water health benefits review by The Tezzy Files Dubai Food and Lifestyle Blogger

“Diamond energy is regarded as the highest spiritual vibration. It brings balance to your soul, while uniting the body and mind, just like our water.” – Diamond Water website

This may sound like a brand new marketing gimmick, but Diamond Water really does more for your health than your ordinary glass of water. Read on for more.

What is Diamond Water?

Diamond Water  is a luxuriously hand-crafted high-pH brand of alkaline water. It gets its name from the last part of the purification process, which involves the water passing through a membrane of real diamonds.

“Through our extensive research and development, we have created an all-natural ionic calcium alkaline water that sustains a stable 9.5 pH providing superior hydration for your body, mind and soul. Our unique filtration system gives Diamond Water it’s excellent taste, functionality and purity.” – Diamond Water flyer.

Apart from absorbing the abundant purity of genuine diamonds, the main premise of this special water is that it is alkaline, with a pH of 9.5.

How is it different from ordinary water?

Ordinary water has a neutral pH of 7, and oftentimes this might even fall below 7 causing it to be mildly acidic.

In today’s day and age, we eat a great deal of processed foods and beverages which tend to be acidic in nature. Over-production of acids in the body has very negative effects on health including loss of energy, decreased bone density, muscle sluggishness and more seriously, kidney dysfunction.

Health practitioners agree that eating more alkaline foods and beverages can prevent acid tide.

Diamond Water is highly alkaline with a pH of 9.5. It therefore has the ability to counteract the effects of overeating overly acidic foods, and neutralize the pH levels within the body.

Diamond Water therefore has the very apt tagline “Live Healthy – Shine Bright”. Here’s a little Rihanna humming for you to get you into the groove 🙂


And the most important question… Does it taste different?

Not really. It looks, feels and tastes like water. Very clarified, crisp and crystal clear water.

Product Packaging

Great news! These stylish bottles featuring the diamond-shaped screw on top are BPA free (ensuring no nasty chemicals get mixed into your sip). They are also environmentally friendly and made of 100% recyclable material. They are also going to come up with glass bottles, which I think will make great keepsakes.

And won’t these beauties look ever so stylish as you sweat your stuff at the gym?!

Product Availability

Diamond Water is available in 532 ml and 1000 ml sized bottles, and will soon come in 375 ml and 900 ml glasses as well.

Unfortunately, as an end user, you cannot buy Diamond Water by the bottle. Cartons can be bought off their website at AED 220 for 18 bottles of 532 ml, and AED 180 for 12 bottles of 1000 ml.